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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 You Browse, You Share. Question Is, Why? You Browse, You Share. Question Is, Why?

Leena Rao 25 minutes ago is launching today as a way to share and recommend what you are reading or watching on the Web. Using a Chrome or RockMelt add-on, you can share pretty much any link – sorry, “Discovery” – with friends and followers.

Using Facebook Connect, you can sign in to and start sharing websites with friends via a so-called “Discoveries Stream.” A Whitelist feature allows you to check which sites you’d like to share and which sites you’d like to keep private. With these settings, will automatically add Whitelisted sites that you've visited to your stream.

After setting up an account, users can follow friends and people with similar interests, as determined by their browsing behavior. says that in the future it will provide content recommendations to users as they browse the Web.

Privacy is an issue here because essentially will share whatever you are browsing (if it’s on the Whitelist). But the company says that the Whitelist allows users to specify what they are comfortable sharing when it comes to browsing. also allows users to remove posts from the system and modify their Whitelists at any time.

Go there Read more.... is a new way to start discovering highly relevant articles, music, videos, and products across the web, all with a little help from your friends. works by collecting your recommendations as you surf the web and effortlessly shares them with your friends while also providing you with valuable recommendations about the places and things your friends checked out as you move across the web.

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Dscoverme - Site
Looks to me like, it would take me some real time to set this Add-on Up to share what I actually want to share. And even then, it would share everything from the Sites I Surf, not just the things I find interesting. But, if you want to take the time to set it up and want to share most everything you Surf. It should be automatic after initial setup. Interesting, but I don't think it wold help me with my Daily Blogging...

Oh, and when I hit send on this e-mail. I realized that Dscover is Spelled wrong. Was, already taken? Lets see... Well, Yes and No... has not been taken, but it could cost a small fortune to get it!:O The .me domain extension is new to me. So here's what I found...

Financial Times

November 15, 2010

As the international sales director of .Me Registry, the company that operates the top-level domain of Montenegro, Natasa Djukanovic is part of a small company that has taken .Me to one of the world’s top 20 domains in just two years. She is based in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.

Our young company is very small, but we have managed to sell names such as for $70,000. As in any small company, we can all do almost everything each other does.

We know Montenegro struck lucky after our tiny Balkan country separated from Serbia in 2006 and was assigned a new country code domain name that has global appeal: the word “Me”. That only makes us work harder at being a success in the modern, 21st century world of the internet on behalf of remote and conservative Montenegro.


I Registered my Domains back in 1998 or 99 and have always paid only $4 to at most $9 a year for Renewals! So, I certainly wouldn't ever pay $70,000 for a Domain Name!:O I have been aware since then of People Auctioning off Popular or Predicted to be Popular and Easy to Remember Domain Names for huge sums of money. I remember when the US Changed some Laws to Stop Domain Squatting and Selling to the Highest Bidder at Exorbitant Prices. People were buying up all the good Domain Names and Setting on them, not using them, just reselling them. I even considered trying it my self. But I had a real problem with the Ethics of the whole thing. That and by the time I learned of it all. All the good Domains were already being Squatted Upon:o

But, back to I don't think I would ever be able to remember this oddly spelled Domain Name. I would definitely have to Bookmark this one and then I would probably over look it when trying to find my Bookmark to go there. If I started typing in my Browser Window, I would probably type discover out faster than it could pull up from my Recent History. So, I think this will cause allot of frustration with Users and could play a big roll in how much People use the Site, after joining. 


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