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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making model rocket motor igniters - Hack a Day

Making model rocket motor igniters

posted Nov 16th 2010 1:00pm by Mike Szczys
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[Stephan Jones] has an easy method for making your own model rocket engine igniter. The solid state motors used in this hobby consume one igniter with each electrically triggered launch. Whether you’re making your own motors or not, this construction technique should prohibit you from every buying an igniter again. The process involves bending some nichrome wire around a paper clip, adding some structural support to the leads using masking tape, and insulating the business end with a quick dip in paint.

Now would be a good time to send us your launchpad hacks. All we’ve seen so far is a launchpad for water rockets.

[via Make]

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Go there...

I remember Estes Rockets from when I was a Kid growing up back in the 60's and early 70's!:) Big Bertha was the Biggest back then. I couldn't afford Bertha. But I had a couple of nice fast Rockets and one with a parachute for a nice soft landing (on a Roof or in a Tree in my Neighborhood;). My first kit didn't have a Parachute and it would always break something when it hit the ground on the trip back down. I built my first launching pad from a pice of Pine, an old round leg from a Coffee table or something like that and a Coat Hanger. It worked great until I finally got my Real Launching Pad from Estes!:) It looked allot like the 3 legged ones ones on the site Today. I looked and Estes is still around and on the Internet now It had big enough clips to hook up to a car battery and that's how I used it most of the time, since those 6 volt batteries would run down pretty quickly. I didn't get too serious about my Rocket Hobby, but it was great fun, once in a while:) I got them out again when my kids were growing up and we had allot of fun shooting the of together. I still have the Stuff, somewhere in my Boxes in the Garage. I wonder... well maybe later;)


Estes Big Bertha Launch

Go there and See Full Screen Video...

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