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Thursday, November 18, 2010

If you don't have very good Antivirus and Firewall Software on all of the computers...

If you don't have very good Antivirus and Firewall Software on all of the computers in your office and on your Network. You really do need to get them now. Comodo Internet Security is very highly rated and free. I have tried this software out on a Win XP System and it is easy to use and has been rated tops in Security and Features by several On-line Reviewers.

Firewall & Antivirus Software Suite - Internet Security | Comodo

Comodo Internet Security

Complete protection against viruses and Internet attacks for Windows computers

Free Desktop PC Security - Free Downloads Keep your PC Safe | Comodo

Free Desktop PC Security - Free Downloads Keep your PC Safe | Comodo

Business Solutions

Home & Home Office Solutions

Ecommerce Accelerator Kit

Ecommerce Accelerator Kit

Everything you need to increase revenue and comply with mandatory security standards.

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Comodo Internet Security Pro
  • Wi-Fi Protection
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  • Firewall Protection
  • Antivirus Software

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Contact us for consultation on your security needs.

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Probably the Best Free Security List in the World

This is an update of the previous article from 10-09...


Probably the Best Free Security List in the World


Motto: Si vis pacem, para bellum.

This outstanding list has been compiled by one of our senior security editors, Antti Koponen.  The products are listed with the best free products first (non-free products are always at the bottom of each category), as judged by Antti. Antti's current choices for real-time protection on his XP desktop and Vista laptop have been marked with ►. Other noteworthy products used by Antti have been marked with ♦, and Antti's favourite malware detection/removal tools with ⇒.

The products are almost exclusively free with some exceptions:

(a) Products where there is no free alternative

(b) Good products that offer a lifetime license

(c) Exceptional products

 If you think this list has too many options to choose from,  try Gizmo's Security Advice Wizard.

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These are the Online Virus Scanning Sites that I used to Scan the Files you sent me.
They use several Virus Apps at one time to scan the files you upload to their Servers. You can use these for files up to 20 megabytes in size. You have to upload the files one at a time. Just use the "Browse" Button or click in the Blank Space. Then when the file folder window opens up, find your file on your computer and then hit "Submit File". If it says, "this file has already been uploaded", then I would go ahead and select "Scan Again" to make sure you file is clean. They are referring to that file name in general, because this could save you some time, if you have downloaded a file from a popular download site with Programs and the like. But this doesn't take long with documents and other small files. It only took a short time, less than 20 seconds to upload a 15 megabyte file with my ISP Charter High Speed Cable Internet, which is 13mbps (a pretty fast connection). If you have DSL (I'm sure you aren't using a Dial-up Connection) it may take a little longer, but you probably wont notice with small Documents and such. - Free Multi-Engine Online Virus Scanner v1.02, Supports 37 AntiVirus Engines!

If you Suspect that you have a Virus Infected File or Sometimes when you scan your computer for viruses, there can be a "false positive" reported on a file or files. If you have reason to suspect a false positive, here are some web sites that you can upload the suspected infected file and have it scanned to see what other Viruses Scanners Report on it. Don't forget to make a note of the files location in your system or copy and paste the location of the file from your Virus Scan Report into the web sites browse box. I noticed that pasting didn't always work in the browse box, so you may just want to paste the files location into an e-mail or document for your own reference.

Here they are... - Free Multi-Engine Online Virus Scanner v1.02, Supports 37 AntiVirus Engines! is a FREE on-line scan service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using antivirus engines, indicated in the VirSCAN list. On uploading files you want to be checked, you can see the result of scanning and how dangerous and harmful/harmless for your computer those files are.

Go here to Scan your Files for Viruses...

This service is by no means 100% safe. If this scanner says 'OK', it does not necessarily mean the file is clean. There could be a whole new virus on the loose. NEVER rely on one single product only, not even this service, even though it utilizes several products. Therefore, We cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage caused by results presented by this non-profit online service.

Scanning can take a while, since several scanners are being used, plus the fact some scanners use very high levels of (time consuming) heuristics. Scanners used are Linux versions, differences with Windows scanners may or may not occur. Some scanners will only report one virus when scanning archives with multiple pieces of malware.

Virus definitions are updated every hour. There is a 10Mb limit per file. Please refrain from uploading tons of hex-edited or repacked variants of the same sample.

Please do not ask for viruses uploaded here, unless you work for an anti-virus vendor. They are not for trade. This is a legitimate service, not a VX site. Viruses uploaded here will be distributed to antivirus vendors without exception. Read more about this in our privacy policy. If you do not want your files to be distributed, please do not send them at all.

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Go here to Scan your Files for Viruses...

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