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Friday, November 26, 2010

YouTube - Amphibious Vehicle - WaterCar in Action

These are the coolest Amphibious Autos I have seen!:)


Amphibious Vehicle - WaterCar in Action

Go there see Full Screen Video...

MEDIA  GALLERY  on WaterCar Inc Site...

WaterCar Inc:

Camaro   Dave March, founder of WaterCar, Inc., has been building cars & boats since 1976 when he opened his collision repair facility in Fountain Valley, California.  Since then, he has repaired and re-built thousands of vehicles at his facility, Fountain Valley Body Works, which is now  one of the largest and most highly respected collision repair facilities in the industry.

   In the late 1990’s, Dave March noticed that a number of design specifications between cars and boats were being shared.  Boat manufactures were using lightweight high-performance automotive-type engines.  Car manufacturers were  incorporating light-weight marine-type composite and alloy bodies and chassis.  Additionally, automotive  manufacturers were using materials specially manufactured to be extremely corrosion resistant.  This gave Dave the idea of developing high-performance cars that could be driven on the water, and WaterCar, Inc. was born.

   Dave’s vision was to see  high-performance cars that were also high-performance boats.  But he was not interested in previous amphibious vehicles that just float around.  He was interested in designing a high-performance automobile capable of getting to plane on top of the  water.  His expectation was to reach  freeway speeds in the water!  His  task was to incorporate the very latest materials and components into the  optimum design for an amphibious vehicle.



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