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Monday, March 22, 2010

2010: Semiconductors In Audio

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2010: Semiconductors In Audio

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by Frank Wells.

After the invention of the transistor in 1947, semiconductors began rapidly supplanting the electron tube for all but the most specialized uses (yes, like in some of your favorite analog gear). Today’s high-powered computing ICs incorporate transistor counts besting a million per square millimeter. Individual transistors and their integrated circuit brethren form the building blocks of most of today’s audio devices, be they analog or digital, simple amplifier stages or processing blocks.

Each year, Pro Sound News queries audio design engineers about their semiconductor usage. This year’s respondents are B.J. Buchalter, VP R&D at Metric Halo; David Eltzroth, President and CEO of ROX Electronics; Tony Gambacurta, Sr. Engineer at Whirlwind Music Distributors; Director of Product Strategy for Focusrite, Rob Jenkins; Patrick Quilter, Senior Audio Designer at QSC Audio Products; David Thibodeau, VP at Daking Audio; and Tonelux Designs President, Paul Wolff.

An abridged version of their replies ran in the March, 2010 issue of Pro Sound News; the unabridged replies follow. Where there’s no reply for a given respondent, the question was either considered not applicable, or, in some cases, the answer would have given away future plans for new products (one respondent requesting we get back to him next year when he’ll tell us what all his company’s new products have inside).



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