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Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Cure a Windows Virus with Ubuntu Linux

This is a sweet and simple Video on Scanning a Windows PC for Viruses with a Ubuntu Live CD. I like to use Fedora 11 or so my self. You can do it all in the GUI and you can install Avast or Clam Antivirus to Memory while running the Live CD or DVD with any of these Linux Distro's to Clean out your infect Windows or Linux System. Yes, Linux can get a Virus!:O I just got my second one if 4 years a couple of weeks ago:( not a bad record compared to Windows... 1 to 2 major infections per year, for me... But it's all better now. I cleaned it out with Clam AV and Avast both. I'm gonna have to Reformat and Reinstall my Fedora 12 though...


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