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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kaboom! Large Hadron Collider triples its own world record | DVICE

Kaboom! Large Hadron Collider triples its own world record

The only thing better than claiming a world record is utterly smashing it, and that's exactly what the Large Hadron Collider did this morning in Geneva, Switzerland. The LHC previously managed to reach an energy of 1.18 TeV. I guess I should be embarrassed I ever reported that as news, because that was apparently small potatoes: the LHC has pretty much tripled that previous benchmark and is now circulating beams at a whopping 3.5 TeV.

"Getting the beams to 3.5 TeV is testimony to the soundness of the LHC's overall design, and the improvements we've made since the breakdown in September 2008," CERN's director for accelerators and technology, Steve Myers, said in a statement.

So not only is the Large Hadron Collider the world's most powerful particle accelerator, but now it claims that crown several times over. This probably isn't the accelerator's peak, either, as when it first started up before that fateful, catastrophic leak it was capable of pushing into the 5 TeV spectrum.

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