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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bashish rocks your socks!

Bashish is a theme enviroment for text terminals. It can change colors, font,
transparency and background image on a per-application basis. Additionally
Bashish supports prompt changing on common shells such as bash, zsh and tcsh.


  • an UTF-8 or OEM (CP437) capable terminal is recommended
    • rxvt-unicode (with frills!) is highly recommended
    • KDE Konsole is also highly recommended
    • on Mac OS X
  • dialog is recommended
Bashish runs on most terminal emulators availiable.

Target audience

Bashish is great for people who:
  • Want a good looking prompt.
  • Want to configure the apperance of the terminal.
  • Want informative titles based on the command arguments.
  • Need different fonts for different applications - eg. Chinese, Japanese, OEM Terminal fonts.
While many of these features would be simple to implement as aliases or shell scripts, the tricky part where Bashish excels is that it does not affect the enviroment noticeably.
As an example, Bashish provides themes even if the themed application is run in a pipe, this without affecting the pipe at all.
Additionally there is no need to rewrite your aliases or functions since Bashish provides theming through shell script wrappers.
Oh, did I say that Bashish runs on whatever ordinary or obscure shell you may be using? :)

This page is Copylefted by Thomas Eriksson.

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