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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

XMind | Open Source Alternative -

XMind 3

Mind mapping is the new approach to preparing big projects or organizing functions among a group or just helping you get things done in a timely manner. XMind is an open source program that helps generate ideas, visualize concepts and classify ideas. You can use your maps privately or share them online and get input from your colleagues or co-workers.

XMind is easy to use and it has a tabbed interface that lets you open several maps at a time. A sidebar tells you all the details about the map that you select. There are several useful templates or you can create your own concept map. XMind supports notes, images, hyperlinks and files so you can express your concepts clearly and completely. Merely double click to edit topics or create them anywhere on your map. You can organize your topics with moving markers, drag and drop or by adding attachments. Need to research a topic? You can Google it without leaving your work window and even drag images into your map.

XMind is compatible with MindManager and FreeMind, too, so you aren't limited in your communications. You can even use it to make a presentation, filtering all the information with markers and labels. Your audience will be able to focus on a central point or be able to understand and visualize an entire idea. You can even use the audio notes to record voices as separate attachments. XMind has the ability to separate smaller aspects as multi-maps and then merge into a single map when needed. All maps can be exported to many formats including Word, PPT and PDF/RTF. In short, XMind is an easy to use tool with a lot of extras to help you share ideas and brainstorm in the most efficient way possible.

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