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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HowStuffWorks "Introduction to How Fabric PCs Will Work"

How Fabric PCs Will Work

by Isaac Perry Clements

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Japanese LED Dress
Japanese LED Dress
Computer Image GalleryFujitsu's Fabric PC weighs less than one pound (0.45 kg).
Fujitsu's Fabric PC concept. See more computer pictures.
Imagine walking to school or work with a brand-new type of laptop computer in hand. You walk casually, swinging the laptop back and forth between your arms, which is easy, since it weighs well under one pound (0.45 kg) and isn't much thicker than a checkbook. Although it has no carrying case, you hardly blink after dropping it onto the concrete sidewalk. Instead you pick it up, dust it off, and continue on your way. When you arrive at your desk, you toss the laptop down on the table and open it up. The screen immediately unfolds, spreading out into an enormous display!


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