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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video Editing How To with Free and Open Source Software in Linux and Windows - info and Video Tips

I been into making Videos and Photography and Recording Audio since I was a kid. I started out with my Grandmothers 8mm Silent Bell and Howell Movie Camera and a Radio Shack Reel to Reel Tape Deck. Oh, and I had several Kodak Point n Click Cameras over the years too. I did have a Cannon T-80 35mm Film Camera. That was a good Camera. I shot 8mm Videos of my kids growing up. In the 70's and 80's. And still plan to one day Digitize them... But, I didn't progress in the AV Equipment Area very fast. Actually very very Slooooly... I never did get a VHS Camera of my own. When I was Volunteering for a local Cable TV Program, back in the late 90's. I did get to borrow a few Cameras, at times to do some shooting. Including a Tube Studio Camera and High-8 Video Cameras I shot a few videos with them and loved it. These things cold record Sound!;) Right after that, I bought a Sony BVP3A 3 Tube Portable Television Camera at a local Auction. I got it for $350!:) And this Camera sold New for over $10,000! Ya, it was old and Digital Cameras had already Taken over by then (1997 or so). But, this thing did 750 Lines of Resolution! But, Alas... All I had to record on was a VHS Deck. I did get a couple 3/4 inch Video Recording Decks and one Mini 3/4 Portable Video Recorder. But, they needed Special Cables to connect to my Camera and I never did get those made. But, still, that Sony and my VHS Deck combo. Made the highest quality Video that the VHS Deck could Record. This was a Tube Camera. So, it was fun shooting at night. You could get automatic light effects in a moving vehicle (tube camera do some interesting things in low light). You had to manually Withe Balance the Camera before Shooting in each new place. And it was a bit heavy. But, that actually made it more stable for on the Shoulder Shooting. Until you got tired, that is. I shot a video of a Lunar Eclipse, one year. And my video cam out as good or better than the ones I saw on TV, on the Local News. I really started getting into Computers in 1998. And I had run Sound for Bands for 12 years at that point. So, the first thing I did was learn to Edit Audio on a 486 Computer running Windows 3.11. Then when Web Cams came out. I got one. It was free, with a Rebate. So, as you can imagine it is pretty low quality. About 1.7mpxl, if I remember right. But, at the time, about 2000 or so. I was running Windows 98 on a Compaq 350MHz PC. And on Dial Up Internet Connection. So, 1.7mpxl was just fine. If you wanted to do any Audio Video Chatting Online. I thought I would really get into that. But, I really never did. I did enjoy making a silly little video, every once in a while. And I always wanted to make lots of Videos for YouTube. But, I wanted them to be "Perfect". And I just didn't have the Equipment or the Expensive Proprietary Video Editing Software for that. So, most of my silly little videos. Remain on my Computer. Not uploaded, anywhere. Then in 2005, I discovered Linux and a whole new World of Open Source Software. I had always been a big fan of Freeware, Share Ware and the like for Windows. But, it was and is still, such a Hassle finding the Good Stuff. Weeding out the Nagware and Limited Functionality "Free Software" and messing around with Trial Ware!:O I had discovered some Open Source Software for building Web Sites, prior to 2005. And a friend of mine, who is a Programmer, told me about Free BSD. I went to the site and was so excited, when I saw all of the completely free Operating Systems and Software there. That, I downloaded all 10GB of files on the Free BSD Server! And that was on a Dial Up Connection!:O It took about a week, all night every night. But, then I soon discovered. That this Free BSD was way over my head (at the time). So, I never got it up and running. A year or so later, that same friend (Bruce). Told me about Linux. This time I found something that I could learn. There was and is plenty of How To info Online. For Installing and Maintaining any Linux Distribution that you want to try out. And it's free and easy to find. So, in 2005 I left Windows XP Behind and have run Linux as my main OS, ever sense. Ok, so that brings me back to Video Editing Software. In Windows XP I had one pretty Decent Video Editing Suite, called Arcsoft Showbiz ( That came free with my HP DVD Burner, that I bought, back  in 2002. But, it was not all that "feature rich". It had a few efx and could DVD Minus and such. It would regularly Crash, while Editing and you would loose any Unsaved Work!:( So, I learned to hit the Save Button often! And I still get Advertisements from them, wanting me to pay about $100, for an Upgrade, to this day!:O I learned to use Arcsoft Showbiz fairly easily. Mostly by trying things out in the software. There was one other, actually Free Video Editing Suite, called VirtualDub Video Editing Freeware for Windows, that I used allot in Windows. It was good Software. But, somewhat hard to learn, for me (back then). It is still available and most likely has improved over time. I did have a basic idea of Digital Audio - Video File Formats and such. I learned this by editing ".wav" and then ".mp3" and real audio files. When they came out. I did quit a bit of Editing Audio. And Audio Recording too. I write songs and sing. And I have my music on my Web Site, ( It's Available for Free Downloads too. This is one very important part of Making a good Video. Audio Quality... Oh! And in the mid 90's, I had a job as a Master Control Operator at a local TV Station. Where, I manually Switched from one Program to another. By switching from one Tape Deck to the other. Via a Rack Mounted Video Switcher. Nothing like a Grass Valley or any type of High End Switcher. It had about 10 square buttons on the front of it. And it was 1/4 of Rack Space Tall (you AV Techs know what I'm talking about). You had to roll the next tape, while the other one was ending up. And watch the clock, the time on the "On Air Tape" and the video feed to manually. And Switch from one program to the next, at precisely the right millisecond! All the while. keeping your Third Hand on the Audio Knob. To quickly turn it down, if the next Video was a Whole Lot Louder than the Previous one... And what ever you did, showed up on Live TV!:O After that, job. I did a short stent at Video Editing Place. One that let People come in and edit their own VHS Videos on their Analog Equipment. They had pretty good little Editing Suites and a Real Video Toaster too!:) But, I seemed to be the only one who even wanted to learn how to use it;) Then, in 2005, like I started to write about before... I discovered Free and Open Source Video Editors for Linux. My favorite is Kdenlive. And I also like, OpenShot and PiTiVi. Some of the others in the list Kino, Cinelerra, Avidemux. Are good for their own target purposes. I haven't tried Open Movie Editor yet, as far as I can remember... I have to admit. That Kdenlive and the other Linux Video Editors, can be a bit Crash-Tastic too. But, KdenLive. Does have a feature that will automatically save your work every few minutes. I set min to 3 minutes. Any more often than that. Seems to conflict with operations and may slow your system down. Of course with Video Editing on a Computer. System Resources are everything. You can never have too Powerful of a System for Editing Audio - Video. More's Law, definitely works here... But, you don't have to have a Power House PC either. If you use Software that runs well on your System and uses as little Resources as Possible. Now, the Video Rendering may take a very long time. But, you can leave the Computer running all night if necessary. I've done it, on quite a few occasions. Not so great for me. Since my computers are in my Bedroom. But, when I really want to Render a long Video. I do, it... I started out on a 350MHz P3. And now the fastest Machine I have is a 2GHz Intel Laptop with 3GB of Ram. Kdenlive Rarely Crashes now a days. On the Laptop or my 1.8GHZ Desktop with 2.5GB of Ram. And KdenLive has the most Features and efx of all of the Video Editors that I have used. Including some good Audio efx. Such as Volume Leveling and others too. So, unless I want to work with a Video Format that Kdenlive wont do (which are few). Or I want some effect that only one of the other Editing Suites have. Then my go to App, is KdenLive...

My favorite Linux Distros are Fedora and Debian.

I run Fedora 14 as my every day OS now. But, it's outdated and I'm soon planning on switching to a Fedora Spin called Fedora Jam. It has some good Audio - Video Apps Pre-Installed and will save a bit of time in Setting up a New AV Linux System. And I'm running Korora 17 Linux on my Laptops. It's a Fedora Remix. It's comes with Kdenlive installed and Handbrake a great DVD Tool. Korora 17 is outdated now too. So, I plan on either switching to the newest Korora or Fedora Jam. I like Remixes for the convenience of having more Apps, ready to go. Right after installation. But, you can't file a Bug Report with Fedora and get help with the Remixes. But, the Spins are Sponsored by Fedora so you can File Bugs on them. You don't have to actually file Bug Reports at all, if you don't want to. You can search the Web and Forums and Read the Documentation of each Distro to get Help, when you have a Problem of any kind. No, Linux is not perfect. No OS or Computer Software is... But, Linux users all over the world do help each other, without charging fees. And when your OS gets too old. You can just Download a new one For Free!:) This is one of the many reasons I like Linux So much... Then There's ArtistX. Which I ran for 2 years. The first two years that ArtistX was out. Back then it ran on Debian. It has loads of Great AV Apps. But, it now runs on Ubuntu and I don't like they way Ubuntu works or doesn't for me. Still, if you are good at working in the Command Line and don't mind fixing the Update Bugs in ArtistX Ubuntu. You can save allot of time, in learning about all of the AV Apps that are available for Linux. Debian will run on older Machines very well. Debian 7 will run on 256mb of Ram. But, of course you couldn't edit Video on that. But, if you have say, 1GB of Ram on a P4 or newer System. You could edit Video in Debian. Linux Mint Debian is another Distro that I like. You could easily build an AV Editing System with it. You'll have a good start with a ready to use Linux Desktop System. And you could add the AV Apps you like. The Standard Linux Mint Ubuntu, would use more resources than the Debian System. But they claim it is better for New Linux users. But, I started with Fedora and then Debian. So, I find Ubuntu allot harder to navigate than either of them. The names of these Settings and Preferences are so different and hard to find. But, if you are switching from Windows. Then you will have a bit of a learning curve anyway. Still, when I switched from Windows XP. I found the Settings and Preferences in Fedora and Debian to be very easy and logical to find. Also, I use Gnome 2 or Mate as my Desktops. The Desktop System that you use makes a big difference too. I like the built in Desktop Search in Mint Linux and the KDE Desktop. But, I do find it a bit harder go get around fast in KDE. The names are mostly the same of the Settings and such. And all Application names are the same, no matter which Linux Distro or Desktop you choose. But, some Applications may not be available in all of the Linux Distros or Desktops that you choose. This is why I'm writing so much about this in this Post... Enough though;)

Fedora 19 Final RC2 Desktop Download - FedoraProject

Korora 18 - Beta (Flo) Fedora Remix

Korora is a Fedora Remix that aims to make Linux easier for new users, while still being useful for expert

ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tool

Linux Mint Debian

Video Streaming is a Big part of Video Editing for the Web. And VLC is my Favorite Video Streaming Player.

It is the most powerful all around Audio - Video Application that I have ever used. It runs in Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac and a couple more OS's. It Plays most all Audio and Video Formats. You can Save the Video Stream to your Hard Drive in several different Video Formats. You can Save your Web Cam Stream and Make a Video this way. I have done this with Systems as old as a 500MHz P3 running Windows 98, a P4 running Windows XP and Systems running Fedora and Debian Linux. VLC is low on Resource Usage. So, it can to it all. And you can use the Built in Live Video and Audio efx to Create a New Edit of a Video File that you have or Stream from Online. I have done this by Playing a Video that I wanted to add efx to. While at the same time, Saving the Output of the VLC Stream back to my Hard Drive. It's definitely a "What you see, is what you get". Way of Editing. But, after Experimenting a little bit. You may like what you get. VLC has a built in Audio EQ, that I use regularly. Especially, while watching old TV Shows Online. I raise the Mids in the  Audio just a bit. So that, I can understand what the people are saying. And I like to raise the bass a bit too, so that those old shows sound less tinny. The only complaint I have with VLC. Probably the only one, at all. Is, that you can't save your EQ settings, to reuse again later. Like you can with most other Open Source Audio Players. When you close VLC down. You have to reset your EQ, if your are so inclined, next time you watch a video. If you leave VLC running and open another video or audio file or stream from the VLC App Window. Then you will keep your EQ Settings, until you shut down VLC. But, I have a habit of Opening all of my AV Files from withing Krusader, my favorite File Manager. So, there's where I get the problem. But, I'm an old Audio Guy and use to mixing Concerts. Everything had to be just right... So, most people probably wont even bother with this feature. One Audio feature, that you can save, is the Volume Leveling. This is a great feature. That stops those Big Booms and Crashes on your TV Show or Movie, from knocking you out of Bed and Waking up everyone else in the House. I set min to between 3 and 5 or so (3 for TV and 5 plus for Movies). This is not in the efx section. It's in the Preferences Section. See the VLC Audio Settings Screen Shots Below. Also there are some VLC Media Player addon's plugins available. I use some, but some didn't work for me. There are links at the bottom of this Post...


VLMC (VideoLAN Movie Creator) is a free video editing software, offering features to realize semi-professional quality movies, but with the aim to stay simple and user-friendly.

VLMC will be available very soon in a pre-release version for Linux, Windows and Mac, stay tuned ! (I have Tried the VLC Video Editor out and it is still a bit Buggy. But, I think it will be a good one too. Don)

You can fetch the current working tree using Git:
git clone git://

VLMC is being developed with the support of the VideoLAN organization
(the house of the famous VLC Media Player).

Go there...

Here's a quick list of Free and Open Source Video Editors, available in 2013, that I got from a good article called, 8 of the Best Free Linux Video Editors.

Video editing is the process of editing motion video footage. In the new age of personal video, video editing is becoming a central function of the desktop, with the popularity of video editing software ever increasing.

Video Editors
Kdenlive Non-linear video editor for KDE
OpenShot Non-linear editor for GNOME, built with Python, GTK, and the MLT Framework
Kino Non-linear DV editor
Cinelerra 3 main functions: capturing, compositing, and editing audio/video
LiVES Video Editing System designed to be simple to use, yet powerful
PiTiVi Non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer
Open Movie Editor Non-linear video editor designed for basic movie making capabilities
Avidemux Designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks


Lightworks (for Windows and soon Linux) is a professional NLE system for editing and mastering of movies in 2K and 4K as well as television productions in PAL, NTSC and HD (This heading link goes to my Blog Post on Lightworks)

I've tried out Lightworks in Windows 7 on the 2GHz Laptop, with 3GB of Memory. It runs fine on this machine. But, I couldn't find any Video Formats, that I have on my Hard Drive that would work in the Software. It's geared towards "Professional Editing". So, I guess unless the Video Codec used it Proprietary... then it doesn't matter. But, when you are Editing Videos for the Internet. Like most people do, these days. Then you need to be very flexible in what video formats you may have to work with. And though they claim Lightworks, is now "Open Source". The Software is only fully functional for a "Trial Period" That trial period had now run out, for me and I have yet to Edit even One Video. The Software interface is not very intuitive to me either. It's not like any of the other Video Editing Software the I have use, since the year 2000. Neither in Windows or Linux. They even have a very strange and Restrictive TOS, that you have to agree to when you Sign up to Download the Software. You have to Agree not to Post anything "Negative" about Lightworks! Or they will kick you, out of their little Software Club:( Well, as you might of guessed... That almost certainly makes people want to Post something anything Negative about Lightworks. But, I decided to wait and give the Software a chance and try it out. Before I went on a Rant about their TOS. Well, I've tried Lightworks out. And so far, it's of now use to me! And yes they do e-mail you, with the "Lightworks News Letter" every week or so. But, the news letter does look to have some good Tips in it. But, it's also geared towards... Lightworks. If you are a Windows Only user and you edit Proprietary HD Video. Then you might find Lightworks useful...

Screen Capturing and taking Screen Shots

There's another aspect of Making Videos. The is very useful. And something we see allot of these days. Screen Capturing and Taking Screen Shots. In Linux, my favorite Screen Capture App for making Videos what I'm doing on my Computer is, Gtk-RecordMyDesktop. You can install it in most Linux Distros, by searching in you Package - Application - Software Manager (which ever you call it). There' is also a Qt Version and a few other Desktop Video Recording Apps, for Linux. Most of them should work fine, as well. Then there are Screen Shots. Like I have put in this Post. My favorite ScreenShot or Screen Shot App, for Linux is, Shutter.

"Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website – apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window. Shutter is free, open-source, and licensed under GPL v3."

For Windows Systems, right now, I like... Screenshot Captor - Free Software at Thought the installation process can be a pain. With the tricky installation GUI Software that is out there these days. Watch those Check Boxes! And make sure you are only installing the Software that you want. So, that's why the link I gave, goes to a Post on my Blog. You may want to do what I did, if download and install Screenshot Captor. I usually don't mess Software, that has these types of installation processes. But, once you get past all of this. It is some pretty good software. For now, that is...

Here's a couple ScreenShots of Gtk-RecordMyDesktop...

Now, finally... To the Videos and Even more Links...


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Here's a Post on my Blog. With the Video he mentions in the video above. About Arial Videography using Drones. And there are several beautifully shot videos, using the DJI Phantom Quadcopter...

Drones - Aerial Video Hands-on DJI Phantom Quadcopter - Videos 


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PiTiVi Video Editor (Open Source)
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Kino has not been actively maintained since 2009 (But it still runs just fine on my Fedora 14 System - Don). We encourage you to try other Linux video editors such as Shotcut, Kdenlive, Flowblade, OpenShot, PiTiVi, LiVES, and LightWorks
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Cinelerra has 3 main functions: capturing, compositing, and editing audio and video with sample level accuracy. It is an integration of audio, video, and still photos using multithreading
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Download Korora Project from
Korora Project
DonsDeals: Korora 18 - Beta (Flo) Fedora Remix
Debian Bug Tracking System
Debian Multimedia Packages::Home
Debian Multimedia Packages::Home
Debian Multimedia Packages::List by Name
Debian Multimedia Packages::List by Name
Planet Debian
The Shocking Truth Behind Static Electricity | LiveScience
iceweasel - Google Search
iceweasel crash - Google Search
Mozilla Corporation software rebranded by the Debian project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
iceweasel crash March 25 2009 - Google Search
Iceweasel/Firefox/Opera Browsers Crash and Burn - Steps to Happiness
Iceweasel/Firefox/Opera Browsers Crash and Burn - Steps to Happiness
Iceweasel/Firefox/Opera Browsers Crash and Burn - Steps to Happiness
Dreamlinux Forums
Installing Debian GNU/Linux via the Internet
Debian GNU/Linux on CDs
Debian -- Live install images
Index of /debian-cd/current-live/i386/bt-hybrid
Debian wheezy -- Installation Guide
Debian -- About Debian
Debian WWW Pages License
Installing Debian via the Internet
Studenten Net Twente - Index of /debian/dists/wheezy/main/installer-i386/current/images/
Studenten Net Twente - Index of /debian/dists/wheezy/main/installer-kfreebsd-i386/current/images/
debian - Google Search
Debian -- Getting Debian
Debian -- News -- Updated Debian 7: 7.1 released
The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Linux Mint Debian 201303 released!
Linux Mint Debian - Linux Mint
linuxmint/live-installer · GitHub
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools - Documentation
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools - Install on hard disk
ArtistX - eXtra ordinary art tools - Root (Super User) Password
ArtistX is a free live GNU/Linux DVD which turns a common computer into a full multimedia production studio
artistx - Google Search
artistx - Google Search ArtistX
ArtistX |
ArtistX - Softpedia
ArtistX - Audio Graphic Video Multimedia Linux
DonsDeals: Fwd: ArtistX 0.9 and Ubuntu HowTo Create and Save a list of installed packages to a file...
DonsDeals: Chromium - The Chromium Projects
Download « ArtistX
ArtistX Forums Login
Documentation « ArtistX
Install ArtistX to your hard disk « ArtistX
Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” RC
Linux Mint 15 brings prettier desktop, new software and driver managers | Ars Technica
Releases - Linux Mint
Download - Linux Mint
Main Page - Linux Mint
The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” RC released!

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