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Monday, August 19, 2013

ShopNotes Magazine - Woodworking Plans, Tips and Videos

I use to be a Cabinet Maker, back in the 70's and 80's. I always dreamed of all of the "Side Projects" that I would do one day. But, some how never found my "Round Tuit" and did very few of them. I pretty much got out of Wood Working, after about 10 years, because of my sever allergies. No, not to work;) You, to the stuff you breath when working in a Wood Shop... After that, I was a Tool Maker in an Air Craft Manufacturing Plant. I worked with Aluminum, Steel, Masonite and some Composites too. And once in a while I get out the old tools and make something. My brother showed me a Magazine Online, today. It was a traditional Paper Magazine, that is Online now, too. It's called, ShopNotes Magazine. It's a great magazine, with all kinds of How To's, on Building Tools and Jigs for Wood Working. And Work Benches too. All kinds of cool stuff and neat Tips and Tricks. I was surprised that I had never seen or heard of it before. This thing is great!:) So, I did a little searching and found some good videos of Projects, made by the instructions in ShopNotes. Here's a couple of the Videos and some links and info too...


Router Milling Machine

Video Link...

Home-made router lift

Video Link... info

ShopNotes Magazine Back Issue Library Computer DVD

Every page of ShopNotes Magazine will make you a better woodworker, because you get more woodworking plans, more woodworking techniques, more woodworking jigs, and more about woodworking tools — and not a single ad. Since 1992, woodworkers have turned to ShopNotes for the most detailed woodworking plans and woodworking tips available anywhere.

ShopNotes is written by woodworkers for woodworkers, and it shows. Each issue is full of practical, hands-on woodworking information, as well as clear, step-by-step plans for great woodworking projects. Whether you’re new to woodworking or have been a woodworker for years, you’re sure to find something in ShopNotes that will help you hone your woodworking skills.

Click here to get a free preview issue of ShopNotes and see for yourself why so many new and experienced woodworkers get their favorite woodworking plans, design ideas, and woodworking techniques from ShopNotes Magazine.


Shop Notes Magazine - Wood Working Tool Making Projects

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Home-made router lift - YouTube
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ShopNotes Magazine - Woodworking Plans, Tips and Videos
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shop notes magazine - YouTube
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Steve Ramsey - YouTube
Router Milling Machine - YouTube
ShopNotes Magazine - Woodworking Project Plans
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YouTube Video search for "shop notes magazine"...

  1. 9:26

    Home-made router lift

    Finishing up my router table. I built a router lift from a plan in Shop Notes m
    • HD
  2. 5:25

    Router Milling Machine

    ShopNotes Magazine - Router Milling Machine O vídeo ensina com montar u…
  3. 1:18

    Sharpening Station inspired by ShopNotes magazine

    Cherry cabinet with melamine top. Sliding base for slow speed grinder with One…
    • HD
  4. 5:31

    ShopNotes Table Saw Blade Guard round 2

    This is another run with the blade guard. I've made a mod to the swing arms sinc…
  5. 7:43

    Shop Made Sharpening System

    Drill press powered sharpening system as featured in Shop Notes magazine issu…
  6. 3:35

    Box Joint Jig, Finger Joint

    Box joint / finger joint jig made from plan in Shopnotes Magazine vol.2, issue 8.
  7. 0:43

    Woodworking: My vertical 2x36" belt sander build in action. (almost comp…

    Showing my sander build in action. This build is a work in progress. I still have …
    • HD
  8. 8:25

    Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions

    Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions for bikes, tools, garden tools, workshop…
  9. 2:01

    Shop notes

    Still in action, the old shop stool works great for the taller machine up to table…
  10. 0:56

    fine woodworking magazine subscription

    fine woodworking magazine subscription Download the best rated woodworking…
  11. 4:59

    Why you need to build a new portable, modular work bench

    In this video I show you my version of a portable modular work bench made up…
    • HD
  12. 2:31

    Model Engine Home Made 1936 Midget Magazine plans.wmv

    Home built four stroke engine. Built using drawings from 1936 issue of Popular M…
  13. 3:54

    Homemade Drum Sander / Finisher made from grinder Part 2 V Drum S…

    drumsander made from simple items, Part two.
  14. 3:08:13

    MAKE Magazine 3D Print Shop

    • by MAKE
    • 11 months ago
    We tested 15 different 3D printers in one weekend. Here's how it went.

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