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Friday, August 16, 2013

Videos for Doomsday Castle - National Geographic Channel

Here's a Show that I have just found out about. I am watching the only Full Episode, that I found on the National Geographic Web Site, No Such Thing As a Fair Fight. There's a Preview on their YouTube Channel called, Raised by a Prepper. It's short, but it did it's job, and peaked my interest. I've always been interested in Survival in the Wilderness and such. But, this Show, is about Surviving a Disaster. By moving to the Wilderness. With a Castle that this family is building. For the future Disaster, that may be to Come. Check it out...


About the Show

Castles were the ultimate homes for the original preppers – kings and noblemen, who were under constant threat from neighboring enemies. But for American prepper Brent, a castle is the perfect defense for the doomsday scenario he fears will set the world back to the Dark Ages – an electromagnetic burst that causes massive power grid failure. Brent, with the help of his children, is on a quest to finish his towering castle that is isolated deep in the Carolina mountains. But the apocalypse he fears might shy in comparison to the clash of characters of his five children as they try to live and work together to prepare for the worst. If doomsday comes, will this family survive to rule the mountains, or will it self-destruct before the castle is ever completed?

Go there...

Full Episode - No Such Thing As a Fair Fight

Doomsday Castle - Raised by a Prepper

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Videos for Doomsday Castle | National Geographic Channel
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