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Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Create a Database in MySQL Workbench - from Stack Overflow

There's a very Powerful Free and Open Source GUI Tool for working with MySQL Databases. It's called MySQL Workbench. It's a great tool and you don't have to muck around in the Command Line to use it in Linux! But, there's allot to learn in there too. I learned how to setup MySQL on a Local Server and how to Administrate a Remote Web Server and create Data Bases and such, quite a few years ago. With a few other Tools. Like PHPmyAdmin and some Windows 98 and XP Apps, that I don't remember the names of, now. But now, I have forgotten most of what I learned. And I switched to Fedora and Debian Linux in 2005. I'm running my Web Sites on my own Server now. And have for the last several years. Since Paying Web Hosting got too expensive for me. But, I had to go back to using, just Straight Old School HTML Pages. I use to have a Drupal Site and several other Dynamic Sites, as well. But, I never could figure out how to import my Databases, form my old Web Host, to my Local Server. I'm trying my hand at Setting my Dynamic Sites up again. I'm going ahead and starting over with updated Site Code and new Databases. I now have one PHP Site up and running on my Local Test Machine. And today I installed Drupal on a machine running CentOS and I have installed it on my Fedora 14 System too. But, I had already forgot how to create a new Database... Again!:O Since I setup that new site a few weeks ago. So, I'm Posting this for myself and others that have spent way to much time, messing around in MySQL, trying to do simple things like this...

Also, there is an odd thing, that happens when you install Drupal and a few other Web Site Systems, from the Package Manager in Fedora and CentOS. They get installed in (for example) "file:///usr/share/drupal/" if you go to it in a Web Browser or "/usr/share/drupal/" in local File Manager. But, Fedora and CEntOS, only share Web Sites on the Internet. Which are in "file:///usr/share/drupal/" or "/usr/share/drupal/" in a File Manager. I tried setting up a Virtual Server, that pointed to this Directory. But, I had no luck in getting that to work in my Web Browser. I followed a bunch of instructions in the Drupal Read Me Files and changed Permissions on certain lines in the settings.php, etc. And I change some Directory and File Permissions too. Some things that I tried to remember form other installs that worked. But, that's another problem, for another day...

Hope this helps with MySQL Workbench. I'm putting more links to more MySQL info below too...


1 Answer

From the main screen, select the server under "SQL Development". You'll then see a window like the one below. Click the button I've highlighted with a red circle and follow the prompts.
Make sure to add a user to the database. This can be done under "Server Administration" under the "Accounts" tab. If you're not accessing it from the same machine hosting it, make sure the allowed host is set to % (or your IP).


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