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Monday, August 12, 2013

Motorcycles - All Wheel Drive Motorcycles by Lawson and other Companies too - Videos

This is something that I have dreamed of many times over the years. I grew up riding my Mini Bike in the 60's and went on to Dirt Bikes in the 70's and 80's. And I wanted an All Wheel Drive Motorcycle or a 2x2. You know, for those times when your climbing a hill and you underestimated the needed start of speed, distance or gear to be in, when you get up to the Top... If I just had a little more traction and a little more Digg in, right here... I figured it wouldn't be all that hard to make one. But, some how I never got around to trying it. So, here we are about 30 years later. And I guess I'm pretty late in find out out, about these things. But, here's one that I really like the design and function of. The All Wheel Drive Motorcycle by New Technology LLC. Check out the Videos, more in the links below. And more info below too...


Testing my AWD motorcycle by Marty Lawson

Motorcycles - All Wheel Drive Motorcycles by Lawson and other Companies too

Lawson All Wheel Drive Motorcycle - Google Search
All wheel drive motorcycle
All Wheel Drive Motorcycle of New Technology LLC
Sector67 ::: Madison - Wisconsin
Lawson All-Wheel-Drive Motorcycle - YouTube
Testing my AWD motorcycle by Marty Lawson - YouTube
Lawson All-Wheel-Drive Motorcycle - Exclusive Video - Dirt Rider Magazine
Testing my AWD motorcycle on Vimeo
Lawson All Wheel Drive Motorcycle - Google Search
Arctic Cat Cub Mini bike 2X2 - YouTube
▶ 1970 Rokon Trailbreaker: How it works - YouTube
Mtrhd0024's channel - YouTube
▶ Rokon with Honda 5 hp. Upgrade. - YouTube
Rokon Trail-Breaker Mudding and Skyhill - YouTube
Christini AWD 300 and 450 - YouTube
Christini All Wheel Drive and Geoff Aaron conquer the Iron Giant - YouTube
▶ V Twin Diesel Motorcycle Shaken not Stirred - YouTube
Bomber-Bike Project at 20. April 2011 (down on wheels and handling test) - YouTube
▶ Lawson AWD all wheel drive KTM 250 two-stroke dirt bike - YouTube
AWD motorcycle at the CWIRA Moose Endurance 2013 on Vimeo
AWD RB1 action - a set on Flickr

And if you just want to sit back and watch a whole bunch of Motorcycle Videos. Check out my Playlists...

Lawson All Wheel Drive Motorcycle

All Wheel Drive Motorcycle of New Technology LLC

Simple design, better suspension, less trail erosion

Full time all-wheel-drive

Full time power to front wheel

The Lawson AWD motorcycle is a much simpler design than what is now available for off-road and has equivalent or better suspension characteristics than existing telescoping front suspensions. It is easier for an average rider to control on steep bumpy slopes, to surmount rocks and logs, and to maneuver in sand, mud, and snow. As both wheels are pulling to surmount obstacles, the Lawson design motorcycle does not require speed and aggressive spinning of the rear wheel. As a result it is much greener, doing less damage to the terrain, and it can be much more easily walked through narrow backcountry trails such as those used by firefighters or rescue personnel. The advantage of an all wheel drive motorcycle is similar to why a four wheel drive vehicle is much better in difficult conditions than a two wheel drive vehicle.

More Images

 View rippin picts of the Lawson All Wheel Drive Mototrcycle at

  • Light Weight

    This lightweight design adds only the weight of the front drive chain, sprockets, and U joints. The prototype, based on KTM 300 EXC, weighs only 28 lbs. more than a stock KTM. The production model is predicted to add only 13 lbs.

  • Pitch and Balance

    The double-A arm suspension is anti-dive when braking with 1/3 of the dive of a telescoping fork and also anti-rise when powered. Anti-rise means that the front wheel won’t hop when it hooks up as a conventional telescoping fork tends to do. The 300 mm travel suspension has progressive rate adjustable damping shock absorber spring/damping characteristics the same as telescoping fork designs. It has no torque steer which means there is no interaction between torque to the front wheel and the steering. The drive system also reduces front wheel lock-up dramatically when braking. When the front wheel starts to lock up, the system engages the engine and rear wheel to keep the front wheel spinning past slick spots and as a result automatically balances the braking between the front and rear tires.


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