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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Korora 18 - Beta (Flo) Fedora Remix

I am running Korora 17 on a Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop. It's only 1.6GHz and it runs great with Korora. There are many good Apps to get you going fast. Of course I ran my install Script and installed some more of my favorite Apps too. I chose the KDE Desktop Version. It has Krusader file manager installed and ready to go (my favorite file manager). You can get 'root' privileges by just opening Krusader in root mode, from withing the App. Then you can do your work in the GUI. I also installed Mate Desktop. Which is just like Gnome 2, my favorite Linux Desktop. Mate, also runs noticeably faster than KDE on Korora. Now, Korora 18 Beta is out and ready to try out. Check it out...


Korora Project - Download

Korora 18 - Beta (Flo)

Released: 20 Feb 2013

This is the latest beta version of the Korora Linux operating system.

It’s everything you need to try out Korora — you don’t have to erase anything on your current system and it won’t put your files at risk.

Simply take Korora for a test drive on a DVD or USB stick and if you like what you see, you can install Korora directly to your hard drive straight from the Live Media desktop.

Follow the steps to download …


Korora was born out of a desire to make Linux easier for new users, while still being useful for experts. The main goal of Korora is to provide a complete, easy to use system for general computing.

Originally based on Gentoo Linux in 2005, Korora was re-born in 2010 as a Fedora Remix[1] with tweaks and extras to make the system “just work” out of the box.

Why Fedora? Lots of reasons!


Korora comes in a few installable versions which include both the KDE and GNOME desktops.



Default applications

Korora sets the default applications to those that we believe end users typically want. For example, Firefox is the default web browser (instead of Konqueror in KDE and Epiphany in GNOME) and VLC is the default media player (instead of Dragon Player in KDE and Totem in GNOME). There is generally one popular program installed for each task, although alternatives (such as the Google Chrome web browser) are available via the package manager for a quick install.

Package repositories

Korora also pre-configures several third party repositories, making it easier to install the additional software that most people uses. These include packages like:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Google Chrome and Google Earth
  • RPMFusion
  • VirtualBox

While we are not permitted to distribute Adobe’s Flash plugin, it is available to install out of the box via the package manager.

Third party driver support

Korora makes use of the Jockey Device Driver Manager, for simple installation of third party drivers such as those for NVIDIA graphics cards and certain wireless devices.

Korora also comes with all the development tools and kernel headers you need to easily install out of tree kernel modules, such as those required by VirtualBox. These modules are automatically built when you get a new kernel update thanks to Dynamic Kernel Module Support.


The main goal of Korora is to provide a complete, easy to use system for general computing which is assisted by the following:

  • Support for as much hardware as possible
  • End user desired applications as defaults (e.g. Firefox over Konqueror)
  • Ability to play all media out of the box using free software, wherever possible
  • Make it easy for users to get Adobe Flash, if they want it
  • Target specific applications for tasks with as little bloat as possible
  • Provide simple means to getting support
  • Provide howtos, guides, on how to use the system
  • Build a little community of happy Linux users

Note: Korora is not provided or supported by the Fedora Project. Official, unmodified Fedora software is available through the Fedora Project website.

Go there...

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