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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Screenshot Captor - Free Software at

Screenshot Captor

Today, I found a Windows Screen Shot App in my Downloads Folder. That I had already downloaded and never installed. I often Download Apps, intending to install them later. But, I seldom use my Windows Systems. I do my Daily Work in Fedora Linux. But, I was doing the thing that I hate most and most often have to do, in Windows. Scanning the System for Viruses and Mal-ware, today. I wanted to Take a Screen Shot of the Results Windows. But, didn't have a Screen Shot App on this System. I knew that I had use several different Screen Shot Apps, in the Past and should have at least on in my Linux Systems, Download Folder. After a search or two, I found Screenshot Captor. So, I figured I must have found it interesting. Since I downloaded it at some point in the recent past. It has an odd install process. It has a notice at the beginning. It tells you, that you can either use the Donation Coder install process or you can unpack the ".exe" file to a folder and run the App from there. Since, I didn't want to mess with reading every word in the Install Process and un-checking all of the Add-on Software and Tool Bar Apps that I figure would be in there... I just un-packed the file to a folder that I made in advance. I used Total Commander to do this and it was very easy, that way. After un-packing the Screenshot Captor App. I found, Screenshotcaptor.exe in the files that I unpacked. I clicked on it and it opened up the app. It has a "Nag" Welcome Screen. That tells you how to get rid of the "Nag Screen".

"Greetings and welcome to the License Key page.

The software from is free for individual use. The reason we require people to download a license key from us is to get them to take a look at our website and think about whether they might be willing to make a donation to this site. If you run a business with more than 4 employees see our commercial site-license page.

In order to encourage people to really consider making a donation, we have adopted a somewhat unusual policy for people who do not donate:

  • The free license key generated here will remove the reminder nag from the program for 6 months.
  • After 6 months the reminder will come back and you must return to this page to generate a new license key which will last for another 6 months.
  • After 1 year from your initial signup you can return to this page for a permanent non-expiring license key.

You don't have to make a decision right now, but for those who do choose to donate now we have a whole bunch of extra special benefits.

If you're not ready to make a donation at this time, but want to download a free key for one of the programs on this site, you'll first need to sign up at our forum, or log in if you already have an account.

Everything on our site is designed to work with your forum login, and we hope you'll find it a useful place to talk about software ideas and discoveries (signing up will only take a minute, you don't have to donate, and we promise not to send you spam or share your email address or login information with other sites)."


I went to the Web Site, but didn't do anything, just yet. I wanted to try out the App first and see if I like it. And I do like it. Screenshot Captor, has so many features, that I had to read through most of the Menu's and the Home Page of their Web Site, tow or three times, before I was was able to successfully take a Screen Shot. It took me a few seconds of hard thinking to realize that their Abbreviations used for the Short Cut Keys stood for the Print Screen Key. Finally! After 21 Years of Computing. I can use that ever present but never working Pt Scr - Sys Req (Print Screen Key) on my Keyboard. I think I was able to use it once, back in about 1999. In DOS, in some App, that I have now idea what it was now... But, cool. That has Nagged me for many years. Why can I just use the Print Screen Key? Anyway... Just hit your "Ctrl-Prt Scr" Key to get a Screen Shot of the Active Window. I have learned from using several different Screen Shot Apps in Linux over the years. That it is easy for me to just set a Screen Shot Delay of 7 to 10 Seconds, before the Screen Shot it taken. That gives me time to get from the Screen Shot App, (when I'm using my Mouse to take the Screen Shot) over to the Window - App that I want to take a Screen shot of. This is especially helpful, when taking a Full Desktop Screen Shot. But, with the Print Screen Shortcut. I can just get in the window that I want to take a Screen Shot of and hit "Ctrl-Prt Scr" and then I still have time to get my Mouse Cursor to where I want it, in case I forgot to already do that. I set Screen Shot Captor to include the Mouse Cursor in the Shot. I tried to use the, Scrolling Screen Shot of an Application that I was running and of Firefox Web Browser. I got nothing in the App and only got the area that was in View in Firefox. So, I will have to do some more reading and try it again, later. But, after a bit of learning. I think I will really like Screenshot Captor for Windows...


Go there and Download Screenshot Captor...


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