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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

$5 ARM Development Board - About the MC HCK -

Here's an ARM Development Board that you can have for about $5!:)...


About the MC HCK

The MC HCK (pronounced: “McHack” [mæk hæk]) is a small, cheap, and versatile microcontroller platform that supports USB for easy programming, and can be built at home for $5. The MC HCK enables everybody to build big and small projects, because spending >$20 for other microcontroller boards is just too much.

With the MC HCK, everybody can quickly build projects on a small budget: In many situations, a set of optional footprints avoid the need for expensive add-on boards! These optional features are not populated by default to keep the price low; however, the user can easily solder on components to enable these features. There is space for a LiPo charger, SPI flash storage (up to 8MB), voltage regulators (up to 16V), a mounting screw, a 2.4GHz radio module, and more!

The MC HCK is entirely open source, both hardware and software. Check out our project repository to get the latest KiCad designs or fabrication outputs. Everybody is encouraged to build MC HCKs!

The name


Self Built MC HCK for $5

From the beginning, the MC HCK was conceived to be not only cheap to produce and sell, but it was also conceived to be buildable at home, at a low cost. In this post, we’ll show how to build a MC HCK at home.

Getting the Parts

All required and optional parts are listed in the BOM. Let’s quickly go over how to get the required ones.


The MC HCK boards can easily be ordered from the usual suspects in China. Just download the fabrication gerbers and attach them to your order; usually you will have to create a zip file. Now wait 10 days or so until your PCBs arrive. Cost: $10 + shipping for 10 boards


You can sample a compatible MCU directly from Freescale. Cost: $5 for 5 MCUs.


These are common parts, and many people will already have them in some way or another. The SMT parts are 0603 size, but the pads are large enough to take 0805 parts as well. In case you’re still missing one or the other part, below is a list of possible eBay sources:


Check out this soldering stop motion sequence taken while hand soldering a MC HCK:


Once your MC HCK boards are soldered, use the wiki to get started with the software library.

Go there...

$5 ARM development board - About the MC HCK

A $5 ARM development board
Self built MC HCK for $5 -
About the MC HCK -
mchck/mchck · GitHub
MC HCK, the hacker's microcontroller board: small. cheap. versatile. open source. -
Schematic and layout · mchck/mchck Wiki · GitHub
mchck/hardware at fab · mchck/mchck · GitHub
BOM · mchck/mchck Wiki · GitHub
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