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Monday, August 19, 2013

Gnome 3 - Add or Remove an Indicator Applet Complete in gnome-panel

I wanted to Remove an Indicator Applet in an ArtistX Linux System from the gnome-panel. But Right-Clicking did nothing. I searched and searched through System. With xfce Appfinder, which I installed to be able to search the Apps on my System. And in the System Settings and in Ubuntu Tweak. To No Avail!:( Finally... I gave up and started doing Google Searches. (This is why I really don't like Ubuntu... Everything is a Royal Pain. And nothing is named intuitively or in the same sub menus as Debian and for sure not like Fedora.) But, I want to try out all of the new Apps in ArtistX. All that being said. This is a Gnome 3 issue and would be a problem in any Gnome 3 System. I'm still using Gnome 2. Because I can't stand Gnome 3. Anyway... I did find the solution, after reading over about 8 or 10 pages, in my searches. First I searched for "Indicator Applet Complete". I found the name by right clicking on the Icons and reading the About info. Then, after a few variations and finally ending up searching for "Indicator Applet Complete ArtistX gnome-panel". I hit the Jackpot! Here's the paragraph in a long document that tells you how to Add and Remove things from your Gnome 3 Indicator Applet Complete ArtistX gnome-panel. More info links below too...


Wednesday 13 April 2011

gnome-panel is dead, long live gnome-panel!

Still editable, but not by accident: this all sounds cool, but you tried to add an applet, or to even just move one, but without success? There's a secret trick here: press alt (or the modifier configured for metacity, if you changed it) and right-click. And here you go, you can do everything again! This is indeed not very discoverable, and we might work on improving that, but this makes using gnome-panel a much more solid experience. First, you don't have this feeling it can break easily (I had this feeling), and second, you won't remove things by accident anymore. This also means we don't need the per-applet lock setting anymore, so it's gone. And really, did you edit your panels that frequently? I doubt so :-)

Read More...,-long-live-gnome-panel!

Indicator Applet Complete ArtistX gnome-panel

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gnome-panel is dead, long live gnome-panel! - mon journal - par Vincent

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