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Friday, October 21, 2011

Warning! Don't waste your time going to this Page!!! (

Warning! Don't waste your time going to this Page!!!

I found it in my search results for... "Brother MFC-295CN Printer Scanner Fax Machine. Wont Print Black ink, even with all new ink Cartridges. wont print black ink" Here's the resulting URL...

(I removed the links in the text below, so that I wont be linking to this crappy Site!)
Ask Brother Tech Support
Tech Support Will Answer You Now! Brother Answers Today: 87. [Ads by Google]
Electronics Technician
TV Repairman
Computer Technician
Appliance Technician

I thought that this was a Brother Printer Site. I was in a hurry and didn't read the link close enough... I went through 3 screens filling out my question and what I had done to try and fix the problem. Then I got to the page in the Screen Shot. I of course was not going to pay for information that I can find for free on Google! So I Closed the Page or Tried! Instead of Closing, the page gave me a Pop-up that wont let me close their *%#* PAGE!!! Most Annoying Pop-ups will Close and let you Close the Page in view, if you hit "Esc" on the Keyboard and most will work if you hit cancel or the Red X in Firefox. But, not this one!!!! It wont even let you close the Whole Web Browser!!!!!! I Run Fedora 14 Linux and I had to use the "Force Misbehaving Application to Quit" Button that I keep on my Tool Bar. Which Force Closed Firefox, just to get of of that Page!!!! Do these Idiots really think that Anyone is going to Buy Something from them after this!!!!!! Be Aware and Stay away from!!!!!!!!!!

Yes... I'm Pissed!!!!!!!!! 

But wait... There's more! When I reopened my Firefox Web Browser (version 3.6.23). It went right back to that Horrible Page!!! A usually nice feature of Firefox, which brings up all of the last pages that were opened in a session, if your Browser Crashed or you Force it to Close. Had brought me right back to this Horrible Web Site!:( So, I Cleared my browsing History for the last hour. And then reopened Firefox. That gave me the choice of Starting a New Session or Recovering the old one (which I definitely did not want). Now I'm back to normal. But instead of just being Pissed.. 

Now I'm Livid!!!!!!!!! 


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