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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My IP Address, Check IP Address Location, Report IP Address

I found a good Web Site for Researching IP addresses. Both, yours and others that may try to access your Computer. You can Report those who try to Hack your System on the site. So, that others can see who and what is going on with Computer Intrusions through the Internet...


What is my IP? Where is the IP located? Our IP Address Location Service provides the answers.

Moreover, Ipillion is a good resource to those who care about Internet security and want to protect themselves from brute force attacks, comment or email spam, port scanning, etc. Here you can find your ip address do a reverse DNS lookup to find the ip address of a website, or check if a particular IP address previously attacked other Internet users.

There are many similar sites on the Internet today, but most use an abridged (demo-version) free database, whereas our ip location service is based on a licensed commercial ip address location library from MaxMind, Inc. which is updated monthly.

Go there...

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