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Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Free Screen Capture Utility

Best Free Screen Capture Utility

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On the standard Windows operating system, pressing the Print-Screen key will copy an image of the entire screen to the clipboard, holding the Alt key and pressing the Print-Screen key will capture the currently selected window. Vista and Windows 7 come with a screen capture utility pre-installed. Other operating systems may also offer a similar utility for screen capture.

As an alternative to the utilities that come with the OS, the freeware products in this review cover most of the following useful features and functions which users may find they need.

  • Capture full screen or freely selected screen areas.
  • Auto detect windows and control objects such as button, box, toolbar, tab, etc.
  • Snap scrolling windows, allow delayed captures.
  • Re-size screen shots or create thumbnails and other extra features.

This article's focus is on screen captures.  If your priority is editing after the capture then check out Best Free Digital Image Editor.  Several of the editors listed also perform screen captures.

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I downloaded, Screenshot Captor. I will try it out on my WinXP Machine later. I'm on my Fedora 14 System now and almost always am. But sometimes, when I'm in Windows. I need to take a Screen Shot and currently don't have an App for that...


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