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Friday, September 2, 2011

Coil gun Revolver « avengerhacks

Coil gun Revolver

G’day all, to my first documented hack (not very well I mite add) but if you have any questions on components ect leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP


First off as you can see I have gutted a toy revolver , but first off I bought the wrong one so if you decide to duplicate this gun do your self a favor buy one with a rotating barrel, as I did not and I had to gut this toy to millimeter thin plastic that didn’t do anything for structural integrity, another thing to look for when choosing a shell is room, you need alot of space for everything that is going to be jammed in there. But when I post mk II it will be of my full construction no more toys

Ok depending on what road your taking with this will effect the parts list mine is as follows

1x rocket switch and matching cover for the charging switch
1x momentary switch for the trigger
1x burger king straw for the barrel
1x magnetic wire( depending on your design and amount of stages ) for mine I used 0.5mm
1x some hook up wire of some description
1x pack of party straws for the reloading barrel
2x mechano parts , very hard to explain I’m not sure if your guys had mechano growing up so you can do the same with some scrap metal cut in to circles and drilled accordingly.
1x length on mini shaft for the reloading mech to spin on
1x 9volt battery holder

For the charging circuit I gutted one of those insect repellent racquets, but you can do the same with the standard disposable camera setup

Ok with the reloading side of things if you buy a toy gun with a spinning barrel it should turn for every shot fired but as mine didn’t I have had to do it with my thumb as I am reloading , but I did have an idea to use a small motor or something to drive it but due to space restrictions I decided to leave it and improve on it in mark 2, but still even with mark 1 it is still a lot quicker that breach loading it or any other method covered in other designs that I have seen. ( as of yet)

Now everything is powered by a 9 volt battery that is clipped underneath the barrel for quick changing.

Like I said before I didn’t get a chance to document this hack very well but now I have started this blog for future projects will be very well documented

I want to thank the guys at , if it wasn’t for there site I would not have thought to share it,

I am going to leave you with some more pictures I have taken, thanks for having a look and stay tuned for some more projects I have underway!

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Coil gun Revolver « avengerhacks
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