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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TODAY: Heroes tell of lifting burning car to save man

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That is a Miracle, that that young man survived!:) Lifting the car... not as unusual as some might think. I learned that 4 or 5 High School Kids could Pick up the back of a Ford Pinto, easily... Back in High School. As a Practical Joke, we picked up this guys Pinto while he was getting ready to back it out of the Auto Mechanics Class, Garage. He had just finished working on it and we wanted to make him think that it was worse off than when he started working on it;) He didn't even notice, at first and kept revving his engine, with the Transmission in Reverse!:) I had to yell at him... Stop Revving the Engine, so we can put it down, to get him to stop!:O Good times... Good times:) Wait... but, that's not all... A few years later. A friend and I were out along the Red River (the TX side) riding Dirt Bikes (Motor Cycles, not Kids Bicycles). And we came across a small car that was stuck in the deep sand under a Bridge. It was stuck bad and the more they dug, the deeper the sand ruts got. There were about 5 guys standing around, including me and my friend. So, I suggested that we, just Pickup the Back End of the Car and move it over a bit. They of course all said... we can't pick up a Car!:O I said, you'd be surprised... Back in High School... Pinto... So, we did it:) Wait... not done yet;) Late on, in the 90's. I knew a big guy named Wayne. He grew up working on Cars and he was a really big and strong young man. He was only 18 at the time. He, could pick up the back end of a small car, all by him self. Me and Wayne and my buddy Lee were all standing around in the parking lot talking after a Church Service one evening and the fact that Wayne could Pick up Cares cam up. We were standing right next to the small car owned by a girl we knew... So, it was Practical Joke time again!;) I had some Blocks of wood in the back of my Chevy Blazer (in case I got stuck in the mud when four wheeling). So... we didn't want to be too mean, since we liked the girl and after all... we were at Church;) So, instead of the Classic Blocks under the Axles, which immobilize the Vehicle... We put the blocks under the tires. So, all she had to do, was drive off of them... No, biggie, Right? Well, this girl would beg do differ with me!:O She, refused to drive the car off of the blocks. She thought it would break her car. Now this was just a couple of 2x4 Blocks stacked up to about 4 inches high. I'm sure she had ran over curbs bigger than that (knowing the way this girl drove). It took a bit of convincing and arguing... but she finally drove her car smoothly off of the Gigantic, 4 inch Blocks!:) She was so mad!:O Some girls, just have no Sense of... when a guy likes them!;) But Ya, I did notice that it was a girl who grabbed that car, closest to the Flames when they were Picking that thing up off of the the Young Man in the Video!:) I wonder if she's single???


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TODAY: Heroes tell of lifting burning car to save man

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