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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Tool Bar Temperature is wrong.

Original Message...
My Tool Bar (GNOME Panel) Temperature is wrong. Its automatically getting the temp from the Chicago Central Time Server. It just showed up yesterday. Before, the temp didn't show up at all. It wasn't working... But this is worse! It shows 36deg, but the temp in Azle is 53deg on my Google home page app. I'll have to find a different Time app for my Tool Bar now...

Here's how to fix it...
Ok, I was still Sleeping when I did and wrote all of this;) Both this morning (last night for me) and this evening. Here's all I had to do to fix the problem. Disable the Temp and Weather Features in the Clock! So, simple and I already new this!:O...

Clock Preferences in the Manual
Show the weather (unchecked the box here)
    Select this option to display the the current weather forecast at your location.
                The weather will be displayed as an icon for sunny, cloudy, rain or more.

Show temperature
(unchecked the box here)
                Select this option to display the temperature at your location.


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