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Friday, April 1, 2011

About User Agents

Bots vs Browsers - database of 650,541 user agents and growing

About User Agents:

A user agent is a text sequence that a browser reports to a web site containing information such as the brand, version, plugins, and toolbars installed on the browser. This information helps web sites determine what capabilities a browser has, and helps the web site provide pages that cater to the browser.

In addition, robots, spiders, or "bots" that surf the web report a user agent to web sites. Bots are automated software that surf web sites looking for information. Popular bots include the Googlebot, MSNBot, and Yahoo! Slurp. These bots crawl the web to find content to include in their search engines.

By checking the user agent of your browser's http request, this site can see the user agent your browser is reporting. The browser you are surfing with is reporting this user agent text:


User Agent Test Track

Try out a user agent on live web sites by placing the user agent text in the field below. Next, enter a URL in the URL field and click "GO". You can also change the resolution height and width of the preview pane, and simulate GET / POST / HTTP Header Only requests by selecting the method of your choice at the right.

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Could be useful in Researching IP Addresses of Spammers...


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