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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gun turret built into a cake box - Hack a Day

Gun turret built into a cake box

posted Apr 3rd 2011 1:25pm by Mike Szczys
filed under: home entertainment hacks

Couch potatoes have a new line of defense thanks to this remote-controlled turret. The gun itself is a hacked down airsoft model. The mount started with a servo motor in the center of a plastic cake box. A thin strip of plywood was added, along with a couple of sliding furniture feet to stabilize the platform as it rotates. A second servo mounts to that platform, which allows the trajectory of the projectile to be adjusted up or down. A PIC 18F4520 controls both of the motors, as well as the firing of the airsoft module, all while listening for commands from an IR receiver. Just adjust the firmware to match an unused device on your universal remote and the power to annoy your roommates will be at the tips of your fingers.

You can see an overview of the build process, as well as a demonstration of the final project in the video after the break. The page linked at the top has a very detailed build log but some of the ‘next’ buttons on that page don’t work for us. Luckily you’ll see a table of contents in the right column which lets you navigate around these bad links.

[via Dangerous Prototypes]

Tupperware Turret - An Airsoft Gun

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Gun turret built into a cake box
Gun turret built into a cake box - Hack a Day
home entertainment hacks - Hack a Day
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