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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EV charging network goes big in Texas - SmartPlanet

EV charging network goes big in Texas

By Melissa Mahony | Apr 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

NRG Energy seeks to relieve any range anxiety deep in the hearts of Texan electric car owners.

They opened the first of 120 electric vehicle charging stations on Friday. The eVgo Network aims to encourage a market for electric cars through a convenient charging infrastructure for the 240 miles or so between Dallas and Houston.

The company, based out of New Jersey, will be putting 70 privately-funded “Freedom Stations” in and around Dallas/Fort Worth. Houston will get 50. Half of these will be ready to charge EVs by this summer. For 2012 NRG says it will add more stations to the Interstate-45 corridor, soothing range-anxious moments between the two cities.

In just 10 minutes, drivers could potentially extend their cars’ range 30 miles with a 480-volt DC fast charger. Open all day everyday, the freedom stations, provided by AeroVironment, will also have 240-volt Level 2 chargers for those with an hour or so to kill. Drivers can even alert the Police from inside their cars (as well as activate a siren and strobe light) if need be—perhaps during those late-night fill ups.

David Crane, NRG President and CEO, said in a statement:

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Video Link (this video is 44:37min long, sou you may want to fast forward through the intros to get to the interesting stuff)...

I find this all very interesting. I have been interested in Electric Autos since about 1976. I was working for an Oil Company in Texas back then, during the "Big Oil Shortage" at that time. I knew a little about the fact that it was more of an excuse to raise Gasoline Prices. But, I loved new Tech and at that time Electric Car Dealers Set Up Shop in my area. I went and looked at them and almost bought one from me, my wife and brand new baby girl. They only cost $1200 to $1400 Brand New! But, after looking them over, with their very small size and only 3 wheels. I realized that we would all be Dead in even the smallest of Collisions. Besides that these "Electric Cars" (3 wheeled Golf Carts, was more like it, really) didn't even have Hard Tops. Just Snap on Covers like a Jeep. And their Top Speed was 35 to 40 Miles Per Hour. That would get you run over on the Boulevard! Forget getting on the Freeway!:O So, instead I ended up putting a Big Block 454 in my 1964 Chevy Panel Truck. Man, I loved that Truck!;) I sold it a few years later for the cash to pay down on some land...

Oh! and I now have a 1983 Dodge Van that my Uncle gave me. It is in very good shape on the inside. It's an old Good Times Van Conversion, with 3 Captains Chairs and a Fold out Bed, with plenty of room for your Camping Gear in the Back behind the built in Closet, Shelf and spot for a TV. But, the motor smokes:(... So, I have a dream to convert that ol Van into a Hybrid Electric Camper. I actually already have 8 - 1000 Amp Diesel Truck Batteries, that my neighbor gave me. Now all I need it a Big Electric Motor 18 -25 HP. Some really Tough Solar Panels for the Roof. A Turbine Fan and Gen-orator for Charging while Driving. A Battery Charging System and assorted Wiring and Metal for Mounting it all. And most importantly... Someone very strong and eager to do all of that Hard Work!;) I have allot of the know how, but not the youth and good health to do it by my self...  


EV charging network goes big in Texas
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EV charging network goes big in Texas - SmartPlanet
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