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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Multitouch project roundup - Hack a Day

Multitouch project roundup

posted May 20th 2008 7:00pm by Sean Percival
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It seems that ever since Microsoft unveiled the Surface table the concept of multitouch has really started to snow ball. We’ve been fans ever since seeing [Jeff Han]‘s original research in this area. Earlier today we looked at a multitouch rear projection TV project but what else is out there? After the break, we’ve got several multitouch projects you might be interested in.

The MTmini sounds perfect for those with a limited budget and time. With just a simple webcam and a few software programs you can build your own multitouch device. Although this technique isn’t as elegant as IR applications it appears to get the job done.

CUBIT is taking a unique approach by offering an open source programmable multitouch unit for sale. Their Touch Kit product comes in two flavors, Do It Yourself, for $800 and The Full Meal Deal, for $1480 with most of the hard work done for you.

We couldn’t talk about multitouch without giving some mention of Apple. They deserve credit for bringing this technology to the masses through the iPhone. If recent patent filings are any indication, you can look for multitouch on your mouse and even the entire laptop interface in the future. Just last week Apple hackers presented Lux, a multitouch framework for OSX.

How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad - MTmini

Video Link

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Multitouch rear projection TV

posted May 20th 2008 3:45am by Eliot Phillips
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[Christopher Jette] did a amazing job converting a 56″ rear projection television into a multitouch display. His original inspiration came from this drafting table project. The screen is a large sheet of 1/2″ acrylic with a screen material attached to the back side. The screen edge is surrounded by 168 IR LEDs. When a finger tip touches the surface it scatters the LEDs’ IR light. A webcam sees this scattered light and determines where the fingers are. Inside the box is a standard video projector. This is a great reuse of old equipment and we love to see a hobbyist making up ground where manufacturers aren’t. For more info on multitouch projects, we suggest the Natural User Interface Group. Here’s a video of [Christopher]‘s display in action:

Homemade 56 inch multitouch screen Diy

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Multitouch project roundup
Multitouch project roundup - Hack a Day
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These things are allot easier to Build, that I ever Dreamed!:) And I passed up that rear projection television that my neighbor put on the Curb for the Trash Pickup, a few months ago!:O


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