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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sites For Christian Singers, Son Writers and Musicians...

Sites For Christian Singers, Son Writers and Musicians...

You might want to put the songs up on some other sites like these where I have my music posted. You can never get too much exposure...
(I really like they way they rate Artists on this Site. They go by a comparison vote by Members who listen to Artists head to head or by 2 or 4 songs in each time you Judge, you choose which. Not by those with the most "fans", which people can get by using Spamming Software to "friend" everyone on the internet!:O Or better ratings and song plays for those who pay to get "Air Play"! Well, at least that's how it was... I went on the site today and saw this, it's new to me... "Here's what you get as a Premium Member for just $9 a month". They also have contests every month where you can win Gigs, Recording Contracts and Gear too!:) (They site actually has allot of different styles of music on it. Corey the guy who runs this site is the real deal too:) (a Christian Social Site)
(of course, everyone knows MySpace by now)
and my personal pate is (Bebo is in Australia, so that hat you wear should go over big there!;) or (another good Music and Podcast Social Site. It started in England and opened a site in the US too) (this one is only for free downloads under a Creative Commons License, I have all of my music on several different pages on here) (a site for music loops and full songs too) (I use this one to make a player for my web site. You can put the HTML player code on most sites too)

I wouldn't put my music up on FaceBook though. Their TOS Says, basically that what ever you upload there, Pics, Text, Music, everything belongs to Them!:( I hate FB!:O But, I do have a page since everyone I know is on there now. What I did on FB, was just put links to my music web site, on there...
(with your excerpts in making video, you should definitely do some videos on YouTube too. I've seen allot of people get allot of attention from simple videos or even slide shows on here) (blogs are a good way to get exposure for your music too. I have several)
(a good forum about Mixing and Free Open Source Music Software. Linux is all is use now)

I'm thinking of joining these too. You can get paid for downloads on them... (Artists, Interact with your fans. Distribution tools, powerful stats. Make money with free music!) (Free music - internet radio that plays what you want!) (Magnatune, an Open Music Experiment) (If you're a musician and would like to be on Magnatune, we'd love to hear from you! We don't accept everything. In fact, getting on Magnatune is intentionally difficult: we accept only about 5% of what gets sent to us. Your album has to blow our mind. We sell lots of music licenses and make real money selling memberships. We're a real business, so we're really picky about the music we choose. You need to own the rights to your own music. That means no "cover songs". Submissions are accepted only from musicians or their management. We don't do business with labels: we're all about paying musicians directly.) (What is "Open Music"? Answer here)
(Magnatune is one of the only record labels on the planet whose music you can legally use in your non-commercial podcast without a collection society. See this podcasting news article or ASCAP's web license page to see what you would need to pay to use other's music.) (found this one in my Bookmarks, but I don't remember it, may be good too for Christians)
(This is just plain Cool!:) Drive To Musical Wege House On Musical Road)


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