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Sunday, April 17, 2011

With Zipit, who needs a netbook? - Hack a Day

With Zipit, who needs a netbook?

posted Sep 25th 2009 10:00am by Mike Szczys
filed under: handhelds hacks, linux hacks

[Hunter Davis] keeps rolling out the hacks for the Zipit. In the past he showed us how to run DOSbox, and then how to get NES emulation working on this tiny device. Now he’s got Linux kernel 2.6.29 running Fluxbox with mouse (newly added), audio, and WiFi functionality. Follow his step-by-step flashing instructions to load the kernel into the Zipit. Once flashed, a partitioned microSD card servers as the filesystem and swap.

Who needs a 10.1 inch screen or an Atom processor when you can get this 2.8″ QVGA beauty with an XScale processor for around $40?

[Thanks Matt]

Zipit Z2 Tutorial - Flashing and installing from Stock Z2 to audio, fluxbox, mouse emulator and more

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New: Zipit Version 2 (Z2)

The new Zipit Version 2 (Z2) is closed consumer electronics device. Under the covers it runs Linux. Currently it is available at a low price.

(older board, newer Zipit2s have cleaned up board - no yellow wires)

Older Zipit V1 Linux hacking

The ZipIt Wireless Instant Messaging is a kid's IM device with built-in WiFi (802.11b), 320x240 grayscale LCD and thumb-style keyboard all in a small package with a LiIon battery. Current retail price $100.
Out of the box, the ZipIt device will connect to WiFi networks (802.11b/g) that have Internet access and connect to various popular IM services (AOL, MSN, Yahoo). This webpage discusses hacking the device to use for other things. Using some WiFi tricks you can perform a software reflash upgrade of your ZipIt device to run Linux direcly. For more advanced hacking, a hardware modification is recommended.

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Credit goes to Aeronix and the KByte folks for creating a cool little device at an affordable price.
Major credit goes to ken AKA 'cynfab' from the Yahoo BBS. Lots of work in the Linux kernel patches and the busybox build.

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With Zipit, who needs a netbook?
With Zipit, who needs a netbook? - Hack a Day
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