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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Solderless Drawdio Terminally Implemented - Hack a Day

Solderless Drawdio Terminally Implemented

posted Nov 9th 2010 2:57pm by Joseph Thibodeau
filed under: digital audio hacks, portable audio hacks

So you’re stuck in a boring class and you can’t fight off the urge to hack something, even your pencil, to pass the time. Maybe you are performing a live electronics show and you drop your synth down a flight of stairs and all that you are left with is a handful of components, a screw terminal block and a pencil. There are thousands, perhaps millions of these kinds of situations and for each one the answer is the solderless drawdio clone by [Martin].

You may have seen the original Drawdio here before, a fun piece of technology that is simple enough to recreate. This latest approach would make an excellent introductory project for a hacking workshop seeing as the guide is straightforward and the lack of soldering would make logistics so much easier. The results are very similar to the original–check the video after the break.

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Go there...

I find the use of a screw terminal block interesting. Since I can't well enough to Solder Small things any more and I don't have 3 hands or on of those Clamp Down lighted Magnifying Glass Setups. The makers site link is broken or the site is down now. But the other links to the Originals are good. As for making "Music". To me, it's just a really annoying noise!:O But, I suppose if you made one your self... then it could be a Joyful Noise;)


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