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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I can Imagine...

I can Imagine... is the theme of this Video. As soon as I started watching it. I could Imagine too... Actually, I can Remember. Because I grew up in a time such as this. My Mom and Grand Parents lived and taught me to live this way. To, Appreciate and Take Care of the things that they and we worked hard for, Built, Purchase and even Hand Made. To get the Most out of our Efforts and how to Make them Last. To Truly Appreciate the Beautiful World that God has Given us to Live and Work in. A time that this young man can only Imagine about. I can Remember and it was Not that Long Ago. I have often wondered, if any of This Younger Generation have any Idea, that there Is and Was a better way, to use and Preserve the Resources in our World? The Precious Minerals, Metals, Plants and Trees that are Not Endless. The things that are actually Finite in Nature. And a Better way to make sure Our World is a Live-able Place in the future, for our Children and out Grand Children... I am Happy to Say, that Today. I have found One:)


iFixit: Welcome to Repair 2.0

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