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Monday, November 1, 2010

Find Out Who's Using Your Content On The Internet

Find Out Who's Using Your Content On The Internet

FairShare is a free online application that monitors content from RSS feeds and notifies you when it finds something that you've written and gives you the URL of the site where it was found and a screen shot of what it looks like.
FairShare is easy to use - plug in the URL you want to monitor, pick what permissions you want, and give them an email address where they can notify you when they find your content being reused.
There's an ad for getting paid when someone uses your content on the website, but you can ignore it and go about adding your feed information.

I signed up a few months ago to see if it worked (so I could tell you about it of course). I don't know if it catches everything I've written that gets reused, but its caught enough for me to see that it seems to work.
Most of the notifications I've gotten have been when someone uses something I've written and links back to this site. As long as proper attribution is given I don't mind people reusing what I've written.

Today I got another notification, but this time someone had lifted the whole article and presented it as their own work. While it's flattering that someone liked what you wrote enough to copy it word for word, my own preference is to have a link back or proper attribution.
So what did I do? First I looked for some way to contact the author of the blog. Nothing there. So I posted a comment on the site mentioning the work had been taken from an article written by me and asking them to either link back to the article or remove the content. We'll see what, if anything, happens.

Here's the link to the FairShare site:

FairShare Home Page


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