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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Download | Ubuntu WUBI

WUBI - Get Ubuntu Desktop Edition Windows installer

You can download Ubuntu Desktop Edition and run it alongside your current Windows system.

1.Download Ubuntu Desktop Edition

Click the big orange button to download the latest version of Ubuntu. This Windows installer (Wubi) will help you to run Ubuntu within your current system.

Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users. It can install and uninstall Ubuntu in the same way as any other Windows application. It's simple and safe.

Additional options


Take a look at a full list of our previous versions and alternative downloads >

Download and burn on CD

You can download a file to create a CD or USB stick.

Download >

Other ways to get Ubuntu

Order CDs and DVDs >

2.Run the download file

If you need any extra help, take a look at the Wubi Guide or ask a question in the Wubi forum.



After the file is downloaded, you have to open it to run the installer. You will find the detailed instructions below. If you need further help, the various support options are listed at the bottom of this page.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you'll be asked whether you want to run or save the file. Choose 'Run' to launch the installer.


Most other browsers, like Firefox, will only ask you to save the file. Click 'Save' and then double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer.


3.Install it

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  • WubiGuide


  1. Introduction
    1. What is Wubi?
    2. How to use this guide
  2. Installation
    1. How do I install Ubuntu?
    2. How do I select whether to run Windows or Ubuntu?
    3. How do I install Wubi on a machine with no internet connection?
    4. Where do I find older versions of Wubi?
    5. How can I use a manually downloaded ISO?
    6. Why is the AMD64 version of Ubuntu getting downloaded and installed?
    7. Can I force Wubi to download and install a 32 bit version of Ubuntu?
    8. Can I force Wubi to install if I have less than 256MB of memory?
    9. Can I force Wubi to install even if I have less than 5GB of free disk space?
    10. Can I force Wubi to skip the md5 checks?
    11. Which Operating Systems are supported?
    12. What happens if the installation gets interrupted?
  3. Upgrading
  4. Uninstallation
    1. How do I uninstall Wubi?
    2. How do I manually uninstall Wubi?
    3. How do I reinstall Wubi?
  5. Unsupported set-ups
    1. Software raid arrays
    2. Encrypted disks
    3. Windows ME
    4. Proxy server
    5. DVD and Alternate ISO
  6. Troubleshooting
    1. Cannot access the CD
    2. Windows Missing hal.dll
    3. Cannot boot into Ubuntu
    4. Other boot or video problems
    5. Installation error while formatting the swap file
    6. Cannot uninstall Ubuntu
    7. Cannot download the ISO file
    8. Video Problems after second reboot
    9. Corrupted NTFS filesystem
  7. Wubi Support Forum
  8. Misc
    1. Inclusion into official Ubuntu
    2. How do I make Ubuntu the default boot option?
    3. Can I back up the installation files?
    4. How do I install multiple distros?
    5. Improving disk performance
    6. What happens if I have another bootloader?
    7. How big should the the virtual disks be?
    8. How do I migrate to a real partition, and/or get rid of Windows entirely?
    9. How do I resize the virtual disks?
    10. How do I increase my swap space?
    11. How do I create a virtual disk in Ubuntu?
    12. How do I create a virtual disk in Windows?
    13. How do I access the Windows drives?
    14. How can I access the Wubi files from Windows?
    15. How can I access my Wubi install and repair my install if it won't boot?
    16. How to reboot cleanly even when the keyboard/mouse are frozen
  9. Wubi Customization
    1. Can you add Ubuntu-flavor-XYZ to Wubi?
    2. How do I compile Wubi from source?
    3. Can I use Wubi for non-Ubuntu based distributions?
    4. Where is the source code?
    5. What is the license?


Wubi logo

What is Wubi?

Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users that can install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application, in a simple and safe way.

How to use this guide

Please note that this guide is only for issues directly related to the Wubi installer; for general Ubuntu questions please use appropriate resources such as the official Ubuntu documentation, the Ubuntu Forums, or the Ubuntu Guide.

For general information on Wubi see the Wubi official website. You might also be interested in the Ubuntu Forums Installations & Upgrades section.


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