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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

IR air conditioner timer - Hack a Day

IR air conditioner timer

posted Oct 10th 2009 6:51am by Caleb Kraft
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[Tom] has an office job in China. His office is cooled by a small single room air conditioner. In an effort to make his office a little more comfortable, he built this IR timer unit. It cools his office down before he gets there so he doesn’t have to wait for it in the morning. He started by decoding the IR signal from the remote for the unit. He then built this ATiny13 based remote. He notes that the internal clock of this thing isn’t that accurate. power cycling it every day seems to help. It is also pretty cool that he built the unit to not only send the cooling code, but he can switch it to the heating code for the winter.

[thanks Mario]

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hello There,

That was pretty impressive hacking such IR for air conditioners timer. Most hacking will probably happen in computers never expected someone hacks just like this. Anyway I do not have any idea the benefits of hacking IR :)

Warm Regards