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Thursday, August 12, 2010

SparkFun Electronics - EL Sequencer

EL Sequencer

sku: COM-09203

Description: The EL Sequencer is a ATmega based control board that allows the user to program any sequence of blink, on/off, even PWM pulsing of EL wire.

Electroluminescent wire
is this really neat, flexible cord that emits a florescent light. Some times referred to as 'cool neon' because the cord does not heat up. The kicker is that EL wire runs on high voltage AC - about 125V at 425Hz. While EL wire requires very little power, you can't use normal transistors to turn on/off a string of it. So we created the EL Sequencer that uses TRIACs to control up to 8 channels.

Note: We currently do not sell the inverter or the EL wire in the picture. An inverter takes the 3V DC and outputs the required 125V AC to drive the electrolumincent wire. We currently recommend this inverter.

What do I use this for? Checkout the demo video. You can have a lot of fun with EL! The demo video shows 8 strands of about 12" lengths of EL. The length of wire is arbitrary - you can have 100ft wires, it doesn't matter! Your inverter must be matched with the length of EL wire but it's not exact. I'm pretty sure we've got a 5-15ft rated inverter driving 12" segments. The inverter may not like it, but it works.

No really, what do I use this for? Oh! Oh, an example. Ok, checkout our tutorial on the Heartbeat Straight Jacket. It's a combination of EL wire and some fancy 2.4GHz wireless control. All built into a straight jacket for Burning Man.


  • ATmega168V
  • Board can be powered from USB or LiPo
  • Switch chooses source and acts as on/off
  • Compatible with Arduino (8MHz LilyPad)
  • On-board 8MHz external resonator
  • TRIAC part #: Z0103MN
  • 8 TRIACs can handle up to 600V
  • Control 8 channels of EL
  • Runs on 3.7V LiPo
  • Footprint for connection to FTDI Basic for downloading code
  • Footprint for connection to Nordic nRF24L01 2.4GHz wireless module


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