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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whirlpool refrigerator er2chmxpl 06 defrost often info and Model Serial Numbers

Whirlpool refrigerator er2chmxpl 06 defrost often info and Model Serial Numbers, Attached...

Whirlpool refrigerator er2chmxpl 06 defrost often
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Part Details - WHIRLPOOL Heater, part number: AP3859446
Whirlpool Customer Support
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Anonymous said...

So, Don,

Is this model a lemon? It looks really nice with nice features. My wife is strongly considering cancelling purchase of a Kenmore from OSH to buy this from Lowes, but it seems to be a discontinued model. Do you have one that you are having problems with.


Don's Deals Blog said...

Well, I still haven't called them on this problem. I've had allot of other stuff going on here and just haven't got it done. Well, I did try once and after a bunch of aggravating Teleprompt's and then being put on hold for a long time... I hung up. But it is still happening. The freezer goes into defrost mode almost every day. And the Ice Maker doesn't even fill up the container over night now. It use to fill it up easily every night. So, we have been afraid to fill it up with frozen food. We only fill it about half full now. We use to pack it to the gills and it did great. It's only a couple of months old now and I can't believe it's already having problems. Our old Fridge is over 15 years old and still chugging along fine. The door seals were getting leaky and it was frosting up in the freezer and even some in the fridge too. And it didn't have an Ice maker installed and they are hard to find now for the old Norge's. It was ugly to us now and we just loved the looks of the new one. I couldn't find the Drain Tube described in the Whirlpool Freezer or in the Diagrams of it that I downloaded. I didn't want to take anything off of it that would void the Warranty either. So, I may just have not looked deep enough to find it. At any rate, if this drain tube freezing up is a common problem withe these Whirlpool's I would say that is is a Design Flaw. I would definitely see if I could find out more about other Whirlpool refrigerator er2chmxpl 06's and if they are having this problem, before I bought one. Whirlpool's Rated well when I was shopping and that is why I picked this one over other Brands. Now I think I am sorry. Even if they fix it for free. Refrigerators should all work for at least 10 years without any problems what so ever, in my book!


Don's Deals Blog said...

As far as getting a Kenmore from Sears. I just have to say that I will never buy another Appliance from Sears. They blatantly and very rudely refused to honor their Warranty on my Water Heater that I purchased from them. The warranty doesn't state anything about this, but they will Not send you any parts unless you have the unit serviced by a "Sears Authorized Repair Shop". Within about a year of buying a new Water Heater form Sears, the Thermo Coupler went out. This is a common thing with water heaters and not hard or complicated to replace. You don't have to bother with the gas line either (mine is a gas heater). So, there is no safety issue in replacing the Thermo Coupler. Still, I always cut off the main Gas Lin just to be safe. The Warranty simply says the they will replace any defective parts withing the warranty period. I use to really like Sears and use Craftsman Tool almost exclusively for the Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Which I have use on a couple of occasions. Yet the life time warranty tools are becoming scarcer and costing more now a days at Sears. But, they treated me so badly over the Water Heater, that I may never buy anything form Sears again. I have another Whirlpool Water Heater that is actually made by American Water Heater in the Garage now. We had it for about 7 years before this one from Sears. It had a design flaw and the Gas Valves kept going out about once a year or so. This was very aggravating. But I will say this. American Water Heater never was rude and always gladly sent out a free Gas Valve every time ours went out. I put 3 in that thing and just got tired of having to do that. It still works now, but it makes allot of smelling fumes and I didn't want to keep using and working on it or have those fumes blowing back in the house sometimes as they did. Our water heater is in the Kitchen in a Closet built for the heater when the house was built. The Sears Water heater does still work fine with a Generic $3 Thermo Coupler in it. But, I will never buy another one from Sears!