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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

QA: Fedora Project Lead Paul Frields on the "Grown Up" Distro |

QA: Fedora Project Lead Paul Frields on the "Grown Up" Distro
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 00:00 Henry Kingman
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Henry Kingman today shares with the community his exclusive interview with Fedora Project Leader Paul Frields. Frields goes into detail on the upcoming Fedora 13 release, his decision to transition out of the Project Leader position and how many contributors to Fedora are being paid by Red Hat, among many other topics. Grab a cup of coffee for this in-depth discussion.

Paul Frields

Kingman: As we approach the release of lucky Fedora 13, how is everything going? In playing with the F13 release candidate, I noticed some updates to the RPM tools; but otherwise, things seem to be pretty stable.

Frields: We're getting toward the end of the process. We've had an incredible response from the community for testing this release. But last night, at a "readiness" meeting, we identified at least one bug that we couldn't clear. So we're now targeting May 25, instead of May 18, as originally planned.



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