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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Download - SystemRescueCd


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Download and Writing CD

SystemRescueCD is very easy to run. Just download the ISO file, write it to a CDROM, boot it.

See link below to download with your favorite browser or download the system rescue CD ISO image with wget, a simple and reliable download tool .

Type wget -c address in a console. If there is a problem with the download,
try again with -c, and it will continue. Here is a win32 version of wget .

Download final stable version for i486/amd64 (default choice)

Stable x86: SystemRescueCd-x86-1.5.4 (250 MiB)
Release date: 2010-05-19
Download Source Forge download
Changelog Changelog for x86
md5sum 009d01e374579595de5b9c51d58717aa
sha1sum a61a3a274eee80769228137a31a4741e7f3d5c49
sha256sum 77306ce83d3ea0bf4d4cc0f4ee3bee313d0e858960af6deeb95132c6eee93983

You may also want to download old versions (download links and md5sum)

Beta/unstable versions

Beta versions are available too. If you want to test the latest features/updates, or just need it, you can test next version and help us debug new features.

Download final stable version for SPARC (Sun architecture)

Stable sparc: SystemRescueCd-sparc-0.4.0 (83.1 MiB)
Release date: 2007-09-30
Download Download now (Changelog)
md5sum 74a319bada9e2888ebfff6dcfc925017
sha1sum 3019e97b44403550f21d391024bc062187ffa6c7

Testing the downloaded file

To check if the download was successful, you should check the MD5 checksum of the file. Type md5sum path/to/file. md5sum is available at md5deep. This is an improved version. Here are the binary for Win32, and the sources for Linux.

sha1sum is a more secure than md5sum to hash files. This program is a part of coreutils for linux and there is also sha1sum.exe for win32.

Writing the ISO image file to a CD:

On linux use wodim or cdrecord. First: cdrecord -scanbus to get the identifier numbers of your device.

Then: cdrecord dev=x,y,z -v systemrescuecd-x86-x.y.z.iso in a console.

On Windows use software such as Nero or download ImgBurn which is free.

Installation on an USB stick

If you are interested in installing SystemRescueCd on an USB stick, you have to download the CD-ROM version of the rescue disk, and copy several files yourself, as explained in the manual. Thus, there is only one file to download for both CD-ROM and USB versions of SystemRescueCd.

Online documentation

Reading the Quick Start Guide is recommended if it's the first time you use SystemRescueCd. It's also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian. You can also be interested in the Complete documentation for more details.

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