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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Talking clock sounds just like you - Hack a Day

Talking clock sounds just like you

posted May 23rd 2010 9:28am by Mike Szczys
filed under: clock hacks

We’d bet a large portion of our readers don’t remember when you could call the phone company and get the time of day. Gadget Gangster is bringing back the tried and true method with this talking clock. Just press the button and the ‘operator’ will read the time of day to you. Record your own voice and place the WAV files on an SD card, from there a Propeller chip takes care of the rest.

As a side note, we’re big fans of the method used to breadboard the power supply using the TO-220 package leads as their own jumpers. We’ve always been partial to using a breadboard regulator on a PCB but this method is simple and takes almost no space at all.

My comment on the site...
Ummm, Ya, I can remember those days. I just called 817-844-6611 and listened to my local Time and Weather Forecast... Same number for the last 35 to 40 years. Just have to add the Area Code now. Where do you guys live? Cool little device though. I think it needs a nice girls voice on it though!:)


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