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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Facebook Users Consider Leaving Over Privacy Worries | WebProNews

Facebook Users Consider Leaving Over Privacy Worries

Facebook users want more control of their info

By Mike Sachoff
Buzz This

Facebook's privacy issues have 60 percent of its members considering
leaving the social network, according to a new survey by IT security
firm, Sophos.

The survey of 1,588 Facebook users found that 16 percent of those polled
have already stopped using the social network due to inadequate control
over their data.

Sophos says the survey revealed that the majority of users are
frustrated with the lack of control that Facebook gives them over their
own data. Most don't know how to set their Facebook privacy options
safely, and find the process confusing.

"A mass exodus from Facebook seems unlikely, but Facebook members are
clearly getting more interested in knowing precisely who can view their
data," wrote Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant, Sophos, in a
blog post.

"With this survey showing that only 24% of users aren't thinking about
quitting, Facebook will need to make sure further changes to the privacy
policy are clear, concise and in the interest of making it easier for
members to know exactly who has access to whatever they chose to upload."

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