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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sun tracking solar panel - Hack a Day

Sun tracking solar panel

posted May 24th 2010 7:25am by Caleb Kraft
filed under: home hacks, solar hacks

As we all know, a solar panel must be exposed to the most amount of sunlight possible to reach full efficiency. A solid mount limits the amount of time that the panel is fully exposed to direct sunlight. The solution is to build a pivoting mount that automates the process of aiming at the sun.

[bwitmer] takes us through the process of building one out of some wood and old bicycle rims. He bought a pre made tracking unit to control his actuator, but we think many of you here could rig something up on your own.

[via HacknMod]

Go there...

His web site with How To info Solar PV tracker...

Site with tracker Parts and intersting Info and Pics...
LED3Xc3 & LED3Xc1 Solar Tracker Assembly


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Don's Deals Blog said...

I recieved this link in response to my Post on...
Sun tracking solar panel - Hack a Day
Sun tracking solar panel
posted May 24th 2010 7:25am by Caleb Kraft

This Co looks interesting...

CPE is a small engineering company specialized in customer specific development
Sun tracking solar panel - Hack a Day
Sun tracking solar panel
posted May 24th 2010 7:25am by Caleb Kraft

of electronic products and systems. CPE has a wide experience in both electronics hardware and software projects. Most projects have been a combination of electronics and software.

We also provide PCB layout and prototype fabrication.

CPE has a production site with a productionline for through-hole and SMD components assembly. We are specialised to design and assemble prototypes. Our production line can offer a complete lead free assembly.

We have a lot of experience in developing systems based on microcontrollers, audio, communication, telemetry (wireless), automation and control systems, interfaces, and more.

C.P.E. repairs also electronical circuits and machines. Even if there are no schematics available.

Our activities:

From idea to product

Design and engineering of electronical hardware and circuits

PC software to access and control an electronical product and hardware

Software for microcontrollers

Drawing of schematics and routen of printed circuits layout

Repair of machines

Assembly of printed circuits, wire-units and products

Design, engineering and assembly of prototypes

Consultancy and advice

Website design

Software testing and functional testing
Go there

I tried to approve theri comment, but someting went wron, so I just posted the info for them. Thanks Cassie...