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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Avoiding Job Search Scams Guide - Job-Hunt.Org

Job Search Scam Avoidance Guide

Job search scams look very appealing, and even smart people "fall" for
them. The result can be loss of the money you do have, trouble with the
IRS or other law enforcement agency, and identity theft when your SSN is
provided to the fake "employer." Trust AFTER you verify!

Don't expect to get paid if you fall for one of these scams, even if you
do some "work" for them. You could face very unpleasant consequences in
the loss of your identity, loss of your money, and, if they get your
unwitting cooperation in a crime, loss of your freedom and good name.

Online Job Search Scams?

You will find these scams in e-mail sent to you by people you don't
know, posted on Websites you know and trust, and also on Websites you
think you've heard of or you have never heard of. The major sources are
described further below, on this page.

The goals of these scams are to make money for the scammers through:

* Selling the information they collect from you to spammers and
identity thieves.
* Getting access to your bank account so they can take money out of it.
* Your cooperation in an illegal activity for their benefit, like
receiving and then re-shipping stolen property.
* Having you to send/transfer your money to them.

These are the general categories of scams. New scams do pop up all the
time, so this is not, unfortunately, a complete list.

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