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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Privacy Settings Scanner for Facebook is Great | The #1 bookmarked Freeware site

This Privacy Settings Scanner for Facebook is Great

If you use a PC you may already be familiar with Microsoft's free "Baseline Security Analyzer" tool.  It checks your PC for missing security patches, critical updates, weak passwords and so on.  

If you like the concept of such a tool, and you use Facebook, and you're worried about allowing strangers to find out information about you online, you need Reclaim Privacy.  It's a great new piece of freeware which checks your Facebook settings and gives you advice about whether they are secure or not.  For example, here's what it said about my own Facebook account:

Reclaim Privacy is written in Javascript.  It's free and open source, so anyone who has concerns over its motives can easily check to see that it isn't doing anything that it shouldn't.

To use it, go to and add the utility to your browser favourites.  Then log into Facebook and go to your security settings page (there's a link on the reclaimprivacy site to help you).  Then run the Reclaim Privacy script by selecting it from your bookmarked favourites, and the analysis of your security exposure will be ready in just a second or 2.


My thanks to "keithr386" for this tip-off.  If there's a web site or freeware product that you think deserves to qualify as a Hot Find, please let me know and I'll write about it.  Just fill in some brief details via the form at

 Note from Don... I did this and it and the instructions were a little confusing at first. I use Firefox Web Browser and the instructions are for IE... But I figured out that all it amounts to is, saving the link to your Favorites or Bookmarks in my case. Then go to your FB Privacy Settings Page after you log in. Stay on that page and go to your Favorites or Bookmarks and click on the link named "Scan for Privacy". I had a hard time finding it in all my Bookmarks, so I renamed it to "Face Book - Scan for Privacy - App Page". I suggest renaming the link to something you can remember too. It is very easy to use. Just read the text in the top of the page that comes up when you click on the link....

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