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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What about the unknown Linux distros?

What about the unknown Linux distros?
Nov 15, 2009, 04 :04 UTC (0 Talkback[s]) (1323 reads)

"I visit Distrowatch everyday, and also have an RSS feed here at Total Linux listing the latest releases, and only recently did I see the long waiting list of new projects who are hoping that a spot on Distrowatch will launch them to ÜberStardom, or even ÜbuStardom ;-)

"Check out the waiting list below, you never know, you may find a hidden little gem of a distro that hasn’t got the backing of the likes of Canonical or Novell, so remains unknown.

"(List courtesy of Distrowatch.Com)

The current list of to-be-included distributions:

 * LinVDR (submitted on 2004-04-08)     * (submitted on 2005-01-19)     * FeniX (submitted on 2005-03-02)     * BOSS (BSI OSS Security Suite) (submitted on 2005-06-21)     * Proxmox Mail Gateway (submitted on 2005-08-30)     * Bio-Linux (submitted on 2005-11-12)     * Movitos USB Linux (submitted on 2005-11-30)     * IPFire (submitted on 2006-02-08)     * Tomahawk Desktop (submitted on 2006-03-06)     * KNOPPIX-NSM (submitted on 2006-05-06)     * Tmxxine (submitted on 2006-06-25)      (many more) Go there...   

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