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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mollom: A solution to comment spam | CMS Report

Mollom: A solution to comment spam

Passwords, user accounts, email verification. I have never liked requiring my website's visitors to register before they can leave a comment. There is a large segment of people that like to submit quality comments online, but they don't want to be required to leave their personal information there. So from the beginning, I have always allowed anonymous commenting by unregistered visitors and for the most party, they quality of the comments haven't suffered. However, allowing for anonymous comments also invited my site into a war against comment spam. My latest weapon to do the fighting for me in this war is Mollom.

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Download Mollom for your website

The Mollom service helps evaluate content quality, stop spam and lets you concentrate on building and improving your site. You can use Mollom for free, but you first have to install a plug-in on your website. Below is a list of the Mollom plug-ins that are currently available for different platforms. Once you downloaded and installed a plug-in, you need to create an account on and activate your website.

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