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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HTTP File Server HFS is a single executable file.,No need to install.,Download and run... it's up & ready.

HTTP File Server

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HTTP File Server (HFS)
HFS is a single executable file.
No need to install.
Download and run... it's up & ready!
Developer(s) Massimo Melina (aka rejetto)
Stable release 2.2f / January 2009
Operating system Windows 2000/XP
Known to be working on Windows 98/ME/Vista and officially on Wine[1]
Type File server / Web server
License GNU GPL

HTTP File Server, otherwise known as HFS, is a free web server specifically designed for publishing and sharing files. The complete feature set differs from other web servers; it lacks some common features, like CGI, but includes, for example, counting file downloads. It is even advised against using it as an ordinary web server.[2]



[edit] Features

HFS is a small HTTP file server, aimed at mostly sharing files for download.
The official documentation describes HFS as:

HFS (Http File Server) is file sharing software which allows you to send and receive files. You can limit this sharing to just a few friends, or be open to the whole world. HFS is different from classic file sharing because there is no network. HFS is a web server which uses web technology to be more compatible with today's Internet. Since it is actually a web server, your friends can download files as if they were downloading from a website using a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Your users don't have to install any new software. HFS lets you share your files. Most web servers are used to publish a website, but HFS is not designed to do that. You are, however, free to use it in any way you wish, - but at your own risk.

[edit] History

Development started in August 2002, and reached version 1.0 in September of the same year.

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