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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack | Linux Magazine

Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack

Silence the struggle around cluster software stack configuration. Caos NSA is a distribution that focuses on making things simple, easy to install and upgrade, and easy to manage.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to configure a cluster software stack. Usually the stack is split into a distribution (OS) and the cluster management tool. While there are some advantages to this separation, sometimes people want to have a cluster software stack that is all-in-one. There are several packages that satisfy this definition such as ROCKS and Clustermatic, but there is one that is arguably the best combination - Caos NSA and Perceus.

Skipping on down...

The next few steps deal with some details about the installation. Here is the list of steps I took up to the point of configuring Perceus.

Caos NSA Installation steps:

  1. Registration
  2. Root password
  3. Time zone configuration
  4. NIC configuration (eth0, eth1, and eth2 in my case)
  5. Firewall configuration (including opening ports)
  6. System Profile (what basic configuration do you want)
    • Desktop
    • Cluster


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