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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Musix Linux

Musix 1.0 R6 stable

After 3 months of testing, the Stable release of Musix Live-DVD 1.0 R6 is out. It's a 100% free operating system for artists focused on music production, graphic design and video edition, based on Debian ETCH and KNOPPIX.

Some packages were upgraded from Musix Live-DVD 1.0 R4, the knoppix-installer fonts now look well, an old kernel 2.6.16 from Musix 0.99 was added to support old hardware, also, there are a lot of backports made by the Musix's team, we highlight lmms, jackd, mscore, rosegarden and ardour. We did some improvements to the mounting system for USB, HD, CD/DVD devices. KDE is the default desktop but you can choose faster ones, like IceWM+Rox, Fluxbox or Openbox.This DVD is used daily in music schools, so we know what teachers and students need.

Here's the direct download link, the file is about 2GB, so it will take about 20min or so on 10mbps High Speed.
Download: DVD:

This is what they use to check the validity and success of the downloaded file. Just save it in the same directory as the DVD ISO file. If you don't know what to do with it. Search and read up on md5sums on Google or what ever Site you like to search on...

Go to the DVD download Page...

You've got to check out their Home Page too. It is cool:) Some of it is kind of hard to figure out, cause it's in Spanish. But it has English too.

Well, I'm off to get my shower and get ready for bed. I'm so tired now... Had fun though:)


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